Custom Videos for Instagram Video Ad

Professional Videos for Instagram Ads to Grow Your Business

Professional Videos for Instagram Ads to Grow Your Business

Custom Videos for Instagram Video Ad


Are you looking to get more leads, sales, and customers? Of course you are! I mean what business isn’t? Small businesses if you’re not already using video ads on Instagram to grown your business, well you should be.

With a community of more than 600M, Instagram is one of the world’s largest mobile ads platforms, surpassing Twitter, Snapchat, and many other social networks. Businesses can share their stories with a highly engaged audience in a creative, high-quality environment and drive action with their ads.


 So Why  Consider Instagram for Your Brand? 

Studies have shown that Instagram audiences tend to engage with their favorite brands than on other networks. According to a report by Shopify, Instagram users spend on average $65 per referred sale. In comparison, Facebook users spend $55, and the average referred sale from Twitter is just $46.26.


Trying to Crack the Nut Of Connecting With Millennials?

If Millennials are your target audience, then Instagram is definitely a network for you. Video ads are also particularly effective with millennials, and this group is also 112% more likely to share online video ads. Younger people are frequent Instagram users, and the social media platform has consistently ranked near the top of the most important social networks among teens, according to Piper Jaffray. Therefore, investment in video ads on Instagram offers an opportunity for advertisers to boost the organic reach of their ads and raise brand awareness.


It’s Better for Small Businesses

Instagram is very powerful, and out of all of the newer social networks, Instagram does a lot to set itself apart. Sure, huge companies like Coca Cola, Starbucks and Nike do well, and that’s expected, but you don’t have to be an enterprise-sized company to get value from Instagram. In fact, the mobile app allows small businesses are able to compete with the “big guys.” So, If you’re not using Instagram for small business yet, you’re missing out on a potential gold mine of opportunities.


Here’s a few recommended best practices you should employ to get the highest ROI from your Instagram Video ads.



1.)  This should seem obvious but, be sure to create ads that are relevant to your target audience. Also, Similar to Facebook, Instagram allows you to add a prominent call to action to your ad, helping you achieve specific marketing goals, whether it be; learn more about your products, services and take action directly from an ad.

2.) Your ads should look professional, be eye-catching, engaging, entertaining, and worth watching. This sounds like a no-brainer, right? It is, but you’d be surprised at how many get it wrong. So, our creative team of video production and marketing consultants are happy to work with you to produce winning video campaigns to run across Instagram, and other social channels.

3.) Instead of focusing on sales or reaching other business goals, run small scale campaigns aimed to help you discover more about the audience. Based on this data you’ll be able to plan proper, full-scale campaigns guaranteed to deliver positive results.

4.) Use Ads to Win Brand Supporters! Social media advertising allows you to engage the audience on many levels. You can send users directly to a landing page or attract them to your products. But you could also use social media ads to win new supporters of your brand.


So if you’ve diligently read this point, that’s our take on the some of the opportunities for small businesses to to use Instagram video ads to help grow their organization.You can use Instagram Video Ads as a great way to promote your brand, connect the physical world with the online world and launch a new product or service, etc.

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