Increase Sales At Your Restaurant with Background Music

Increase Sales At Your Restaurant with Background Music

How Overhead Music at Your Restaurant Can Impact Sales?


Music is indeed powerful. It can change the mood instantly –some music can even make us go to sleep. Music tends to have a strong intellectual influence over the human minds. This is the reason why most restaurants and cafes prefer choosing overhead or background music as the key to attracting more customers to their businesses.

While you might think that patrons who are dining in your business area are not concerned about the overhead  music playing in the background, it would be foolish to think they are not at all affected by it. The music that you choose as the overhead music in your restaurant or café area subconsciously tends to create an everlasting impression on the perception of the guests around. It can have a major impact on the products & services that you offer to the customers.

Will Background Music Really Have an Impact on My Sales?

One of the first questions owners ask when they start researching overhead music fo their restaurant is whether or not it will have a significant impact on their sales. Several studies have shown how restaurants see customer behavior change when they adjust their music settings.


How to Make the Right Choices for Your Background Music?

If you are looking for some more assuring answers, then here are some creative ways in which overhead music can influence the perceptions of the customers along with their emotions & actions:

  • Volume of the Music: High-volume music –particularly the one combined with fast-paced music tracks, can increase the overall heart rate. This will result in the faster execution of activities all around. While higher volumes of music in your restaurant might pace up the activities, it has also been shown to reduce the overall appetite of the customers. Moreover, loud music can also interfere with the communication amongst the guests in the restaurant. This is the reason cafes & restaurants try to maintain an average audible music volume.


  • Mood & Tonality of the Music: When it comes to the music tonality, the major key songs tend to have a happier tone while the minor key songs might appear sad or dull. While minor key songs might appear more emotionally satisfying, they could put the guests in your restaurant in a sad or dull mood. Thus, it is considered ideal to play around major key songs with a happier tone in the given setting to boost the overall mood of the guests.


  • Complex & Simple Music: Complex music genres including jazz & metal would require more focus to listen to than the simple ones. As such, the complex music tones might appear more distracting to your customers. If you are looking for soothing overhead music in the restaurant, then you must opt for simple music in the background.


The Wrong Background Music Choice Can Be Fatal for Your Brand.

According to the industry blog, playing inappropriate music for your brand can reduce overall sales by 4%. Considering playing the right music can increase sales by 5%, brands stand to face a 9% difference in sales between their competition just by making poor music choices or failing to dedicate enough time to investing in the right overhead background music for their restaurant.


Final Thoughts…

Ideally, the music choices of your target audience will match that of your restaurant brand, or you may need to think about how you’re reaching and selling to your customers. Original On Hold understands the importance of choosing the right music genres and levels for your restaurant. Our music team works with customers to create the best overhead music playlists to drive results.

Once you get the knack of how to choose and schedule music for your restaurant, you’ll find it an incredibly powerful tool that can make a big difference for your guests’ dining experience. Contact us today to see how we can help you select the overhead music that will grow your sales and create the best customer experience possible.


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