In-Store Video Ads for Impulse Buys and Upsell Opportunities!

In-Store Video Ads for Impulse Buys and Upsell Opportunities!

In Store Video Ads for Impulse Buys and Upsell Opportunities


If you’re selling products in a brick-and-mortar location, you need a showroom that creates a shopping experience that can turn casual shoppers into paying customers, and a strategy to take advantage of up-sell opportunities with those paying customers. How can you do this? The answer is easy, you can accomplish both with the proper use of in-store video ads.

Video marketing has been pegged as one of the most engaging ways to create an effective customer experience, especially when more consumers state they like watching video. Data reveals that, despite relatively brief exposure, in-store video advertising is highly effective in generating increased recall, recognition, brand familiarity, and purchase intention.



It’s estimated that 2/3 of purchasing decisions are made in-store, which means in-store video ads can only help. In fact, a Digital Marketing Association study found that 30% of shoppers said they made an unplanned purchase after seeing (a product) featured on the in-store video advertisement.

Advantages of using in-store video:

  • It stimulates recall
  • Cross promotion
  • Extends the brand into the store level
  • Counteracts the campaigns of competing brands
  • Makes the consumer feel good about buying their brand

Best Practices for In-Store Video Content that Enhances Experiences (and Sales!)

In order to truly add value to the shopping experience, it is essential to manage an in-store video solution like any other broadcast medium. It must provide relevant content at the precise moment of shopper engagement. The content must be specifically designed for the store environment and specific placement within the store. Lastly, content timing needs to be thoughtfully planned on a fact-based understanding of consumers’ behavior at the point of interception.”


Final Thoughts…

The continued growth of e-commerce means fewer people are shopping in stores, so retailers need to be doing all they can to keep those in-store customers engaged. You may however be overlooking a powerful marketing strategy that is sitting right in front of you — in-store video advertising

The habits of in-store shoppers show the value in investing in in-store advertising. An in-store shopper engagement study that interviewed 3,000 mass merchant shoppers revealed that:

  • 82% of purchasing decisions are made while in a store.
  • 62% of shoppers make an impulse buy while shopping.
  • 16% of unplanned purchases are driven by in-store promotions.

Putting these best practices to work for your in-store video marketing program can then increase the potential for the positive customer experiences your retail location seeks to differentiate your brand from the rest of the marketplace.

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