In-Store Music & Messages Improve the Customer Experience

In-Store Music & Messages Improve the Customer Experience

In-Store Music & Messages Improve The Customer Experience


Retailers, restaurants, hotels, salons, day spas and healthcare providers usually invest a lot of effort, and marketing dollars to present a positive customer environment by creating an engaging, comfortable, and unique atmosphere in their store, establishment or waiting room. But, there may be an element you forgot about. Have you considered what your customers hear while in your business?

Using in-store music and messaging when customers are in your store, puts you in control of their experience and environment, and can directly connect with and guide customers during their visit, increase sales and brand awareness.

If you aren’t using an in-store music and message service to broadcast messages that direct, inform, and promote, you could be missing out on opportunities to connect with a highly engaged and motivated audience.

Not sure how to get started? Don’t worry this blog post will educate you on everything you need to know about creating an effective in-store music and marketing message strategy!



Begin With Best Practices.

In-store music and messaging is an effective method for periodically speaking to customers in your store or waiting room, but it should be a positive experience, and not one that turns-off customers, patrons and patients because of being overexposed to messaging.

The best in-store messages are periodically weaved into your playlist of music. In other words broadcast engaging and informative messages about every two or three songs. This creates the best customer experience, and prevents overexposure.

As you begin to create a plan for using in-store music and messaging in your business, location, or facility, one of the first pieces of advice we will give you when getting started is “make sure you’re music is legal“.


What Type Of Content Should Be Included In Your Messaging?

Depending on your promotions and type of business, you can create your marketing messages to best target your customers and goals.  Below are a few of just the many ideas for what type of  topics and themes you can include in your audio content.

Create interest in products and services. The people in your retail store, showroom or waiting areas are already interested in your brand, products, or services because they have already made the decision to enter your establishment. Capitalize on their level of engagement by sharing information about available products and services.

Promote new products. When a new release hits your shelves, let your customers know. Share announcements when you get a new product line or inventory of items that are new to the store.

Highlight promotions. As your specials and promotions change, announce them throughout your location. Let customers know where they can find deals and how long they have to snag the savings.

Promote customer rewards. Speak to repeat customers about your customer loyalty programs. Announce information about how they can sign up to receive coupons, discounts, and rewards points and promotions.

Ask for customer feedback. Request your customers to get involved in another way by asking them to share their feedback. Direct them to resources, such as online surveys or in-person kiosks, where they can provide details about their experience with your brand or location.

Share event announcements. Let your guests know about your calendar of happenings by announcing upcoming sales and special events. Give dates and details to encourage shoppers to attend.


Increase Sales.

Music and Messaging control the atmosphere and can actually drive sales. Studies have proven an average sales lift of 16% by communicating your brand benefits at the point-of-purchase and giving the consumer a call to action.


Reinforce Branding.

Showcase the voice of your brand.  An additional benefit of  in-store music and messaging is that it gives you an opportunity to showcase your brand’s voice. Using the right music in conjunction with the  right voice talent  allows you to reinforce your branding and present messages in a tone and style that reflect the values and unique positioning of your brand.


Now that you have some ideas for what you can share through overhead messaging, are you ready to get started?

Want to discover more ways to improve the atmosphere and customer experience in your business? Get in touch with an Original On Hold music designer who will explain how we can help you create custom music and messages that drive action while weaving in a music playlist that your visitors will love.

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