Importance of Customer Service Knowing Your On Hold Messaging

Importance of Customer Service Knowing Your On Hold Messaging

The goal of advertising is to catch the attention of customers, the goal of your customer service department is to be able to answer questions, solve problems and further promote your company’s product or service. When the customers come in to the location or call your business it is important that your customer service representatives know what it is that your on hold messaging is advertising. Advertisements from your on hold messaging combined with the knowledge and effort of your customer service representatives can solidify a customer’s decision to choose you!

Customers that have questions regarding advertisements should be able to get clear answers to their questions in a timely manner. Customer service reps need to know what is being said on the on hold messaging and be able to understand what the customers are referring to. Confusion causes misinterpretation, which leads to a damaged relationship with the caller. This clarity is key, nothing worse than miscommunication and for your caller to hang up with a wavering decision or an unpleasant feeling about your business.

When your customer service representatives know the on hold messaging, it can lead to opportunities to further your interaction with the caller. If a customer mentions to the representative about something that they heard while waiting on hold it can open the door to other advertisements that are featured, as well as expanding further on what they may have already gathered. Letting the customer know that you understand what he or she is looking for and that you are the right company for them.

On hold messaging is a great way to showcase what your company does or sells; however a representative that does not quite understand the same concept, is likely to hurt the growth of the business. The on hold message is often times the first impression the customer has with your business, the customer service representative is the second and just as important for building a trusting foundation and eliminating doubt. When you have a representative that is unsure of advertisements or the services and products offered, it can create doubt in your customer and ultimately leaving them to shop around to find a company that knows and believes in what they do.

Consistency is an important factor for a business. Just as you want all of your advertisements to consistently offer the same product or service, you want your customer service representatives to also be consistent. It is about building your brand. The more information that individuals hear about your business, the more likely they will choose to use you. Stay consistent, simple and catchy for your on hold messaging and allow for your customer service representatives to be finishing touches of your marketing tools.

Looking for a business, whether it is to purchase an item or a service, it is important to have employees that know, love and trust what it is that you are selling. Advertisements open the door for communication but the customer service representatives needs to be prepared to promote, eliminate confusion, answer questions and finish the sale.

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