If Your On hold Message Marketing Could Only Be Like Brady and Belichik!

If Your On hold Message Marketing Could Only Be Like Brady and Belichik!


It’s hard to believe that NFL season has wound down, and we’re just a couple weeks away from what promises to be an exciting Superbowl. So, what does Bill Belichik and Tom Brady have to do with on hold message marketing? Well, whether you love him or hate him, coach Belichick is well respected and regarded as being a true mastermind when it comes to “in-game adjustments” and no one does it better. Much like having to make adjustments during a game, your on hold message marketing needs to make adjustments too if you want to win and be successful. And, sometimes those adjustments are unexpected and need to be made on the fly.

Case in point! During the NFL season the patriots faced off against the Bronco’s and quite simply things couldn’t have started out worse for the Patriots with fumbles, unnecessary mistakes, etc and they soon found themselves staring at 24 point deficit. Most people (I will admit myself included) had assumed by half-time the game was all but over! But, there’s the Belichik – Brady magic of in-game adjustments that you simply can’t count out. And, as well all know, on the back of a fantastic second-half comeback, the New England Patriots overcame a 24-point deficit to win 34-31 in overtime.

When you play the same old on hold message month-after-month, eventually your marketing game plan stops working, and you need to make adjustments. Like Belichik does during football games, you need to take a look at what’s working and what’s not, and adjust accordingly!   Certainly you can’t mention Belichik without including Tom Brady, the two together have been a dominant force in winning football games and championships in the NFL for over a decade. Brady is well-known as Mr Cool, recognizing pre-snap situations and calling audibles. He sees how the defense lines up and changes the play from the field if the original wasn’t going to get them anywhere.

When the results of your marketing efforts aren’t getting the results you want, you’ve got to be nimble enough to shift tactics ASAP and try something that hits the right chord. If you want to rise up to the marketing challenge, make your in-game adjustments,  and review what your callers listen to in your on hold message. Maybe it’s time to plug in new specials, promotions, seasonal items or inform callers of your latest developments if you want to “cross” the goal line and achieve victory. So when it comes to adjusting your message on hold script content, suit up, get fired up, and leave everything out on the field.



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