How Your Telephone’s Hold Music System Plays a Big Role in Customer Service

How Your Telephone’s Hold Music System Plays a Big Role in Customer Service

It’s not every day that you can encounter good customer service from businesses. In fact, you’re definitely lucky when you are given the right customer service that you deserve. Harsh as it may be, this is reality for most customers and companies today. After all, how many of us have experienced poor customer service every time we go to an establishment and exercise our rights as consumers?

To be honest, a well-delivered customer service experience is something highly appreciated by customers; take it from us – The Original On Hold, Inc. We’ve been in the “customer service experience” industry for so long, providing services to establishments looking for ways to enhance their customer service using their telephone system. Now we’ve seen a lot of situations where a particular company’s customer service has gone from “Worst on hold experience ever!” to “I don’t mind listening to this music on hold and message”… You will be surprised at how these situations can dramatically enhance the customer service experience, improve customer loyalty, and not to mention drive additional sales.

Making the customer feel loved and appreciated is the key to having a good customer service, and every company should exercise this. Imagine this: Wouldn’t it be nice to get into a department store and see the sales lady flashing her biggest smile? This makes you want to return the favor and buy something from her department, right? Or give a waitress a bigger tip simply because she was accommodating? These little things can definitely make a difference in a consumer’s day, and trust us, this could earn you their loyalty and recommendation to other people mainly because you go the distance by providing excellent customer service.

How about your custom hold message? Ensuring that your customers will have a good and worthwhile time while waiting for you on the other line can only be possible if you have a professional on hold system on board. To do this, your messages should be timely, up-to-date, and relevant. Your music on hold can make a difference, too! An upbeat and welcoming music style could definitely make the most irate caller calm down. Your hold message is also a great way to inform callers of additional customer service and support options such as LIVE chat support at your website.

If you’re a company selling products and services reading this, make sure your customer service is outstanding. Brand loyalty is at an all time low for many businesses. Why? It’s simple – poor customer service. With so many businesses competing for your customer’s dollar these days you had best make sure you wow them with great service.  These are the folks who are purchasing your brand and still choosing your services among many other options available to them. So treat callers on-hold right to a great telephone customer service experience. It’s not too much to ask, is it?

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