How to Use In-Store Video Ads as an Effective Marketing Tool

How to Use In-Store Video Ads as an Effective Marketing Tool

How to use in-store video ads as a marketing tool


Given that 75% of buying decisions are made once a shopper is in the store, many businesses would love to have a sales sidekick to improve their ability to connect with customers at the point-of-sale and make more sales. That’s exactly what you get when you use in-store video marketing!

Most people think of in store video as simply digital menu boards, but those days a long over. Today’s smarter brands know the power of presenting engaging, and compelling video content will increases sale as well as brand loyalty by delivering on-brand, on-topic, contextually compelling product offers.

A study by Researchgate explores the impact of in-store video advertising, and the data reveals that, despite relatively brief exposure, in-store video advertising can be highly effective in generating increased recall, recognition, brand familiarity, and purchase intention.


This helps to:


Optimize Brand Engagement

You produce content for your website that most customers don’t see, from circulars to recipe videos…This is what makes creating in-store video marketing content so powerful, because you’re airing it to your target audience, at the exact time where they’re in a position to see it and act on it. It cultivates a more collaborative, responsive sales environment, and it also aligns your other marketing efforts with in-store customer experiences.


Improve Customer Experiences

Waiting is the main reason customers get frustrated when they’re shopping…engaging in-store video content reduces customers’ perceived wait time. By entertaining customers at a common paint point, you’re able to mitigate the customer’s discomfort of waiting in a queue. In fact, 84% of customers say that watching video content in-store helps make the time spent waiting in the checkout line more enjoyable.


Increase Revenue

It’s time to tap into the power of visual marketing with an in-store video strategy Research by Mintel has found that consumers spend an average of 10% more money when shopping at businesses with in-store video ads. The same study also reveals that  unplanned purchases increased by 30%. 


Educate/Product Demos

Imagine how much more likely you’d be to purchase that piece of Ikea furniture if assembly was demonstrated in front of you (“It looks so easy!”) with a product demo video. While consumers may be initially hesitant to purchase an item that might present technical difficulties or prove difficult to use, with in-store video marketing, you have the ability to boost your customer’s confidence in handling your product.


Final Thoughts…

In-store video allows you to market to a captive audience during checkout, and has the power to engage with customers, alert them about new products, special offers and provide a relevant and helpful shopping experience. However, in order to truly add value to the shopping experience, it is essential to manage an in-store video solution like any other broadcast medium.  It must provide relevant content at the precise moment of shopper engagement, and the content must be specifically designed for the store environment.

We realize that the idea of creating custom video can be a little challenging. But don’t let that hold you back from embracing this strategy. Contact Original On Hold to find out more during a no-obligation “Discovery Session” with an Original On Hold video specialist team member to get all of the details about bringing an in-store video marketing strategy to your business.


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