How to Upload Custom On Hold Messages for Weave Phones

How to Upload Custom On Hold Messages for Weave Phones

How to Upload Custom On Hold Messages for Weave Phones


Music on hold is nice.  It’s a lot better than making callers wait in complete silence.  But when you choose Weave (aka GetWeave) as your hosted voip phone provider, you;ll live the rich features, but as with most could based platforms the default music on hold leaves a lot to be desired. The silver lining is, rather than using Weave’s default funeral parlor hold music, you can be really ambitious and use on-hold time as one-to-one marketing time, all while improving the caller on-hold experience by uploading custom on hold messages.


Be Ambitious! Add Custom On Hold Messaging and Engage Callers.

We’ve all been there. A typical poor on-hold experience when contacting a business, you’re either stuck in the black hole of dead-silence, or your ears bleed from the terrible sounding stock music you hear while your frustration grows as you wait to speak with someone.

Or,. ..

Instead motivate them, by giving them something engaging to listen to; custom on hold messaging can tell your callers about the benefits of your newest procedures, promotional offers, create a positive first impression,and make the experience better.

Step By Step Instruction On How to Replace Weave’s Default Music on Hold with Custom On Hold Audio.



Step 1: Log into your Admin Portal. Use your Weave log in credentials.

Step 2: Select ‘Phone System’ from the menu on the left.


Step 3:  Under Phone System select Hold Music.


Step 4: You can choose Weave default hold music, OR you can choose from the recordings already saved in your Admin Portal.


Step 5: For Custom Hold Music select Custom. Once in custom you can ‘Select Media File’.


Step 6: Select Upload NewOR you can drag and drop from your desktop.

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 12.01.17 PM.png
* To convert your file to a WAV format click here .

Final Thoughts…

No matter if it’s healthcare, business services, home services, professional, retail or hospitality, you can give each of your callers an optimal customer experience at a most crucial touchpoint — the telephone!

Contact Original On Hold for a “no-obligation caller experience consultation”, or try before you by and get started today with your very own 100% risk-free custom on hold message demo now!


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