How to Spruce Up Your Music On Hold Content and Sound Irresistible For The Spring Selling Season!

How to Spruce Up Your Music On Hold Content and Sound Irresistible For The Spring Selling Season!

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For most of the country, it’s hard to believe that spring has officially arrived. With record breaking snowfall and blistery cold temperatures, not only did folks suffer from a terrible case of cabin fever, but old man winter also put a big damper on winter sales. However, baseball spring training is in full swing, many kids and families are enjoying spring break, and Easter is just around the corner. That means, it’s time for a little spring cleaning of your company’s music on hold conent to spruce things up, so your sales will be in full bloom during the spring selling season.

Sometimes, all a message needs to break through is a slight shift in angle, and below are some helpful ideas on how to reinvigorate your message on hold marketing.  For starters, there’s a slew of upcoming spring-time holidays in which you can capitalize on to make up for slow winter sales. Here’s a few in which you may be able to tie into your strategy: Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, etc. Plus, it’s also the start to weddings, engagement parties, and many weekend get togethers with friends and family.

Maybe you don’t run a business that can tie in holiday themed offers as a part of their marketing? Fear Not!  The arrival of spring is a welcome change for many of us. For example, if you’re a restaurant owner, maybe you’ve developed a menu that has spring-related items on it. This might include the vegetables and fruits that are in season, such as artichokes, strawberries, and cherries or other seasonal dishes, desserts and delights.

Remember, the change in season also impacts consumers purchasing behavior, and new growth opportunities for your brand. A spring sale can be one of the best ways to bring in new business, or up-sell existing customers. Develop your on-hold script with compelling information and call to action that properly promotes your spring sale, and be sure to include specific items that relate to the season.

Don’t let callers grown accustomed to blocking out your marketing messages. This is a also a great time review, renew and refresh any new Customer win-back programs, Referral contests or rewards, etc. The bottom line is that have a myriad of angles to spruce up your music on hold and messaging, and deliver compelling content that resonates. It’s never a good idea to let your music on hold script copy become boring. Stale or outdated.

With a little creativity, you can easily develop script ideas that fit specifically with your business type, and still take full advantage of the spring selling season.  Try using a few catchy attention (or ear grabbing!) statements such as:  Spring Fever, Spring Forward, Spring In Your Step, Spring Swing, Spring Into Action and others.

Even if not much has changed, remember this: The change in season may also bring rise to your competition as they have also decided that with spring in the air, it’s time to try and increase their market share. For this very reason (among many others), we strongly encourage a strategy for periodic and routine updates to your music on hold and message advertising, which is absolutely  crucial for you to achieve results oriented on-hold marketing for your business this spring.


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