How to Make a “Feel-good” On Hold Message Experience

How to Make a “Feel-good” On Hold Message Experience

Some thoughts are expressed well in writing while others are better expressed when voiced out. For example, hard copy advertising seen in newspapers may not be applicable to on hold messages. Why? This is because of one issue — tone.

Tone, for on hold marketing, is not just determined by the quality of the voice that delivers your message but the entire script itself.It greatly affects how your callers will feel while they are placed on hold.Therefore, it is very important to know how you’ll make a feel-good message on hold for your clients.

Use Simple Words

Choose casual words when talking to your callers, even if you are just virtually communicating with them. As much as possible, avoid technical terms and jargon.  If need be, be sure to clearly explain it to them. Remember that some of your callers are still prospective clients; make sure that they fully understand what you say.

Ask Questions

Compel your listener to participate with what you have to say. If you’re a dog salon, you can throw interesting but attention-grabbing questions to your callers like, “When did you last give your dog a luxurious bubble bath?”Intriguing questions keep them on their toes.

Be Personal

Always use the first person point of view (Our, We, You). This will take your on hold message script to a more personal level since it will make your caller feel that he/she is actually talking to someone from your company – someone who understands your needs and not just to some recorded message that keeps on repeating the same information over and over again.

Be Conversational

Use contractions like “We’ll”, “Don’t”, or “Haven’t.” This way, your callers will be comfortable with your message because it sounds like the daily chit-chats that they have with their friends or colleagues. It will also save you time and allow you to talk more about your business.

Bear in mind that your callers dialed your number because they need someone to talk to. Putting them on hold may frustrate them and make them feel ignored, especially if your on hold message sounds just like a recorded canned response that they’ve already heard ages ago. So, assure them that they’re not alone by talking warmly to them and give them the “feel-good” on hold message experience.

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