How To Get The Most Bang For Your Marketing Buck When Choosing On Hold Message Services

How To Get The Most Bang For Your Marketing Buck When Choosing On Hold Message Services

You know what waiting on hold is like, and it’s not something you enjoy. You’ve had an epiphany and realize that your customers aren’t too crazy about it either, so it’s time you finally considered implementing something that will be better than the silence – on hold marketing. Congratulations!

We give kudos to you for recognizing the numerous benefits on hold messages present for your business versus the alternatives. However, one of the most common mistakes businesses make when considering on hold messaging is a once for all of time marketing message and play forever approach.

Avoid the temptation of playing the same message forever. Think about this. Do you wear the same clothes in January as you do in July? Isn’t Halloween candy usually a bit stale by Thanksgiving? Customers’ needs and preferences change, and your message on-hold should change with it! While the lure of one-time buys might seem attractive – buyer beware! Believe it or not, in the long run you eventually end up with less benefit and less value. Why? Because a message that was great 3,6 or 12 months ago can quickly become boring and out of date. This means that once great message – is no longer a great! Additionally one-time options usually carry some sort of purchase premium. This means when you update message recordings in the future, you also end up paying a premium price.

At The Original On Hold Inc, we encourage clients to choose a Message On Hold Value Plan.

Why a Message On Hold Value Plan?

First, there’s very little upfront investment (just an initial deposit), so you save on capital outlay. Secondly, the on-hold equipment is included, and always under replacement warranty (and upgradeable) for the duration of your Message Value Plan. This means you never have to worry about equipment failure, or outdated equipment becoming obsolete. And, lastly a Message Value Plan gives the power and flexibility of periodic, routine message on hold content updates to keep callers informed of your latest developments to drive more sales – all for one low-fixed rate.

When you choose a Message On Hold Value Plan, your plan’s investment is partially based on how often you want your message changed. The great news is, the more you play, the less you pay! Depending on the frequency of timely messages tied to current promotions or seasonal factors a professional on hold recording with a Message Value Plan can be as little as a hundred bucks.

With traditional marketing becoming increasingly less effective, smart marketers are shifting their focus to more targeted campaigns – especially inbound marketing opportunities. Do you have a special sale or event coming up? Launching a new product or service? Do you cater to customers’ seasonal lifestyle changes? With a fixed, low-cost message on hold update plan, your message on-hold content will stay fresh and change on a schedule that matches your overall marketing plan.

Now you might be thinking changing the message is a hassle right? With other on-hold providers that might be the case, but The Original On Hold Inc features it’s industry exclusive Message On Hold Manager (MOM). You won’t have to do anything except log in to your Message On Hold Manager – anytime 24/7, make changes or request a script update, select your voice talent and background music and submit your new on-hold production. That’s it. Fast and Simple! Just like it should be.

Think about it this way. Remember that feeling of enjoyment you had when you purchased that new automobile? Who can resist that new car smell? But what happens when that “something new” isn’t so new anymore? When that new car smell has worn off, so does that new car feeling. The same is true of your on-hold marketing message (or any marketing message for that matter). Eventually that irresistible message on hold recording can lose its effectiveness, which is like losing that new car smell for your on-hold callers.

While a one-time recording may meet your needs today, but as you can see it probably won’t in the future. Is your website the same today as it was even 2, 3 or 5 years ago? Well if your business is constantly evolving, then probably not. We’ve all heard the expression no news is good news. Well in business and marketing, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In today’s more competitive business environment these are the times that it’s most important to distinguish yourself from your competition, and show your callers how you’re unique in your ability to fill their needs and desires. If you haven’t changed your messages in a while, your best clients will know that you’re not finding new ways to help them. So you need a smarter solution.

Just getting started? The Original On Hold offers a variety of budget-friendly Message On Hold Value Plans. The Basic Message Plan is an excellent value for those new to on hold marketing. For just a little bit more than a single production, you’ll receive two on Hold productions to use whenever you like. Use one custom on-hold production now, and a second for the holiday season, or to create an additional original production in the future to stay sounding fresh.

Remember, marketing isn’t a one-time event and your on hold message advertisement shouldn’t be either. A Message On-Hold Update Plan provides a flexible strategy, so that you can quickly respond to changes in customer perceptions and demand. If you abandon the once-for-all-time approach to on hold messaging you’re better positioned to engage callers with relevant, up-to-date marketing content, giving you the momentum needed to take your sales to the next level.

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