How to Create Happier Callers On Hold

How to Create Happier Callers On Hold

When you call an airline, urgent care center or or that restaurant where you’ve been trying to make a reservation, you’re more likely to wait on hold longer. That’s because you need the company’s services as soon as possible or they’re the only area provider of a product you want.

But how do you keep callers holding happily if your company doesn’t sell a “necessity” or your competitors can serve callers without putting them on hold?

The answer: by providing a better caller experience with engaging on hold messaging.

With professional On Hold Marketing content, the right tone and delivery, studies show callers will not only wait up to three times longer than with silence or music, but they’re also less frustrated and happier as a result of having to wait on hold.

According to research published by, two-thirds of callers are willing to wait on hold for just two minutes or less. And the older the callers, the less likely they are to hold even that long.

So, the goal is to create On Hold Marketing that’s so valuable it makes each caller’s time on hold seem shorter. No hyperbole. No hard sell. No one-sided barrage about what you want from the caller.

Content that keeps your callers on the line might include answers to common questions, details that help them make more-informed buying decisions or tips on how they can save money with your company.

As with all effective marketing or advertising efforts, putting your audience first is an ongoing effort. But when executed well, it’ll make it easier for callers to hold for you, no matter what you sell. This elevates the caller experience.

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