How to Choose the Right Voice Actor: Male or Female?

How to Choose the Right Voice Actor: Male or Female?

A common question we received and a subject we’ve touched on in previous blog posts is the voice you choose can make all the difference in your advertising project. Whether it’s a captivating on hold message, automated phone attendant, radio commercial, in-store audio, or a persuasive advertisement, the right voice actor can grab your audience’s attention and deliver your message effectively. But with so many talented voices out there, a key question pops up: should you choose a male or female voice actor?

Ditch the Stereotypes

Traditionally, male voices have been associated with authority and power, while female voices have been seen as calming and trustworthy. There’s some truth to these perceptions, but they shouldn’t be the sole factors in your decision. Great voice actors, regardless of gender, can convey a wide range of emotions and tones.

Focus on Your Message

The best voice for your project depends entirely on what you’re trying to achieve. Here are some key questions to consider:

  • What kind of content are you creating? Are you adding on hold messaging? A radio commercial?¬† In=-store audio? The who, what, when and where play an integral role in the decision making process. For example, a historical documentary might benefit from a mature male voice, while a children’s animation could call for a youthful female narrator.
  • Who is your target audience?Understanding your demographics can be crucial. For example, younger audiences may respond better to a friendly female voice, while a professional services company might want a voice that projects confidence (which can be achieved by either a male or female actor).
  • What emotions do you want to evoke? A soothing voice, often female, can be ideal for relaxation. A dramatic narration might call for a powerful male voice, but a female actor can deliver drama just as effectively.

Listen Up!

The best way to make your decision is to listen to demos from a variety of voice actors. Many online platforms allow you to browse voice samples by gender, vocal style, and even age. Pay attention to how the voice makes you feel, and how well it complements the tone of your project.

Bonus Tip: Consider Both!

There’s no rule that says you have to choose just one. For certain projects, a combination of male and female voices can add variety and depth.

Ask the Pros:

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