How to Add Custom On Hold Messages for Your 8×8 Phones

How to Add Custom On Hold Messages for Your 8×8 Phones



It’s unimaginable the number of VOIP (aka Cloud based) phone providers that exist today. One of older providers and most popular is 8 x8 (aka Packet 8). As we’ve discussed before  (see: while these voip systems are feature rich and cost-effective, but the one area lack is with their music on hold. Rather than cheesy elevator music, you can use hold-time as an invaluable marketing opportunity and to create the best caller experience.


Taken right from 8 X 8’s blog:

“Upload your own music, and improve your customers’ experience and perhaps their mood while on hold with cheerful or seasonally-appropriate music and information instead of dead air or beeps.”


Here’s how to upload a custom on hold audio file to your 8 x 8 phone system.

Upload an Audio File

  1. In the menu, select By Uploading an Audio File.

Uploading Custom On HOld Messages to 8 X8 Phones


2. Enter the Title of your recording.

3. Click the center of your screen or drag an audio file to the Upload your Audio File window.

4. Click Save.

Now you’re ready to play your Original On Hold customized on hold messaging program to every caller via your 8×8 phone service!

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