How Small Businesses Can Use On hold Messages to Promote Advantages Over the Corporate Giants

How Small Businesses Can Use On hold Messages to Promote Advantages Over the Corporate Giants

 Small businesses don’t have huge marketing budgets to throw around, and look at customers simply as a numbers game. Having that you win some — you lose some mentality, and as long as you win more than you lose that equals profit as well as happy shareholders.  If you’re a small business owner pay attention! The Corporate Giants have opened up  gaping holes for the little guy to gain some foothold in the marketplace.

How you might ask? You see, small businesses often times have advantages over their larger counterparts. They can be more flexible and focused on quality, as well as several other distinct advantages over the big dogs.  So, if you’re a small businesses owner ask yourself this question. “Am I doing a good enough job of communicating these advantages? At The Original On hold Inc, we show small businesses how to effectively communicate that message and parlay that niche into success.

How do you do that? With Professional On hold messaging. Here, let me show you how.


You can keep your callers on the line while they are on hold by having an expert voice talent to talk to them. Studies show 70% of all calls are placed on hold, 50% of callers hang-up, and 35% of them will never call back. While the big guys make look at things like a numbers game, small businesses (no business actually!) can afford to lose potential revenues. On hold messages have proven to keep callers waiting up to 3 times longer giving you the opportunity to serve them rather than lose them!


Your callers would really love it if you give them what they need ahead of time. So, offer solutions to possible problems and answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about your company. Give them your contact details like website address and social networking accounts like Facebook and Twitter, so they can always stay informed. 


Within mere seconds you can take advantage of that captive audience on hold. While you have their undivided attention, you can use that valuable time to promote your newest products and services, companion items, special events or seasonal offers. Your message will be able to entice callers to avail your offers, or prompt them to inquire for more information.  How about that for making every moment count?

Implementing a message on hold system helps prevent callers from hanging-up, and allows you an effective tool in entertaining, selling, and informing callers about the many advantages of choosing your small business over the competition.

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