How On Hold Messaging Benefits Your Small Business

How On Hold Messaging Benefits Your Small Business



Small business versus big business, it’s the classic “David and Goliath” story! But, just as the underdog David defeated the bigger, stronger adversary in Goliath, your small business can use proven marketing techniques to defeat larger competitors, even though their advertising budget may be vastly larger.

In order to survive, small businesses have to understand that trying to engage a large business directly in an advertising campaign is a losing scenario. Large companies often have years of good branding on their side, and are able to saturate most media avenues with enough ad volume to turn their company into a household name.

The good news is that there still is a wealth of sales leads to be had for smaller fish that are able to set themselves apart, and on-hold marketing can do just that! Especially in a time where many consumers are simply fed up with corporate giants, in fact according to a study by Public Affairs Pulse, “two-thirds of respondents said they prefer to shop at small businesses, even if it means paying more, and 47% — of Americans think the owners of small businesses have higher “ethical standards” than the CEOs of major companies”

One area that larger businesses have to deal with all the time is putting customers on hold when they call in. For large companies who do not have custom on hold music, this can become a nightmare and a recipe for negative reviews. As a small business, this is an opportunity to capitalize on what may be hurting larger businesses.

There are many ways on hold messaging benefits your small business when competing with larger companies. Let’s take a look at just a few of them:


Prevent Lost Sales and Wasted Marketing Dollars

Every time your phone rings, you’ve paid for that ring to occur! The one thing you absolutely can’t afford to have happen is that caller hang-up before you have the chance to serve them. This is known as caller abandonment, and it results in lost customers, lost sales and wasted marketing dollars.

Custom branded on hold music and messages are the “only” on hold solution proven to keep callers waiting on the line for up the 3 minutes longer than silence, music or radio, reduces stress and frustration and provides for a better overall customer experience.


Create Brand Awareness and Customer Loyalty

Many of your potential customers may have their first real exposure to your business when they call to ask your store hours or inquire about an ad they’ve seen recently. Like your website, on-hold messaging can act as a virtual front door for your store, giving callers hints about the quality and innovations your brand holds for them. If you leave callers on-hold unattended, they’ll begin to wonder, if you can’t afford to properly handle their phone call, then how can they possibly trust you to take care of their valuable needs?

So, for example; if you’re a dentist with 2 degrees and various accreditations you’re pretty proud of that and you want your patients to know about it, and why not? So, when you put your callers on hold, which is a scenario that is just going to happen, tell them about your experience and degrees, because for many patients, they want the confidence and peace of mind that comes with choosing an expert, and they’ll view you as skilled, thriving and trustworthy.


Increase Sales and Generate More Revenue

This might seem unimaginable, but since you don’t have a crystal ball, you have no idea of what “other” goods or services callers may actually have the need for. More times than not,  callers to your business are also in the market for additional goods and services you can offer, but if they don’t know you offer theses goods/service, then you’re welcoming them right into the arms of a competitor.

And, if you’re thinking your existing customers already know everything you do, well truth be told, they forget! They haven’t got time to study your business inside and out, and that’s why it’s your job to keep callers informed, engaged and focused on your business.

When prospects call your brand on the phone, it means they’re willing to start a dialogue as a potential buyer, to get closer; professional on hold messages will engage your callers and get them connected. This is your opportunity to mention a brief teaser about further merchandise, companion products, sales items, etc. and get them to inquire about it when you come back to the phone. It’s also a great way to remind existing customers about goods or services that they may not remember your company offers.

While there’s literally dozens of additional ways your small businesses can benefit from on hold messages, these are just a few. Few things in the business world are as daunting as the reality of trying to market a small business.

Are you using on hold messages and have a story of how it helps your small business?  Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.


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