How On Hold Messages Reduces Both Cost and Waste In Your Advertising Spend!

How On Hold Messages Reduces Both Cost and Waste In Your Advertising Spend!


Are you wasting valuable advertising dollars with shotgun marketing techniques? Now if you’re not familiar with the term “shotgun” marketing, it’s a strategy where a promotional campaign for products or services targets as large of an area or population as possible.

In theory, this may sound like a pretty good idea right? I mean the more people you reach, the better chance you have at gaining new customers. While this might be true if you’re a huge, multinational brand like Coca-Cola, then using shotgun marketing strategies make the most sense, as they can market its products to billions of people worldwide, encompassing multiple demographics. However most brands aren’t as big as Coca-Cola, nor do they have the luxury of marketing to such a wide and diverse demographic.

Savvy marketers know that shotgun marketing may sound great, but most of the shot misses the target. What if I told you that there’s a way to market your brand that provides for laser precision, and can yield immediate results! What if you could hit the target with accuracy every time? Well, that’s exactly what happens when you utilize on hold messages at your business.

Today, a successful marketing campaign means reaching a highly-targeted audience to reduce advertising costs, cost per customer acquisition, and cost per up-sell. This is exactly what on-hold messages accomplish for any business, in any industry!

Is there a more targeted prospect than the person who has called your company? Think about it, they already have some interest level in your offerings otherwise they wouldn’t have ringed you, nor do you have to search them out. With on hold messaging, you’re able to craft effective marketing messages to a captive, interested and highly targeted audience.

Shotgun marketing means that you shoot from the hip, spending money on advertising without a particular end-target in mind and not driven by a focused, coordinated strategy. This can be a costly endeavor. With on hold marketing messages, there’s no advertising waste, no trial and error, and no shooting from the hip. It’s simply a low-cost, big return, highly targeted and proven marketing technique.  

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