How On Hold Marketing Can Turn an Unhappy Customer into a Happy Customer

How On Hold Marketing Can Turn an Unhappy Customer into a Happy Customer

Endless awful stories have been told about waiting an eternity to solve an issue or even worse to get basic information. On hold marketing is a powerful marketing asset, which can turn an unhappy client into a happy one. We have put together four useful tips that you need to consider in order to make the best of your on hold marketing strategy and turn an unhappy inbound call into a happy customer.

Know Your Target Audience

It is important that you know who will likely receive your messages and what kind of information they need the most. It is also important that you gather all the questions and complaints received so you can later analyze them to find the trending topics for your business. You should be able to build a list of frequently asked questions and common sources of complaints.

Set Up a Strategy and Plan Your Content

Knowing your callers will allow you to create a strategy to take advantage of the situation. In other words, knowing what they usually ask will enable you to plan a specific detailed message that will certainly enhance your company´s image and improve customer satisfaction and retention. As an example, if you notice that many people call you to find out your business hours; you may want to include this piece of information on the message as well as social media links where they can also find this information. This simple detail can make a huge difference. Therefore, the more customized the message the more you drive customer engagement. If your business has multiple departments, be sure to create the most adequate on-hold message for each one of them to better fulfill your customer needs.

Highlight Your Strengths

We already mentioned that providing helpful hints or interesting information can help you mend a poor reputation for customer service. You can also seize the opportunity by highlighting your strengths, so that clients get to know that even when they did not have the best experience, there is another benefit that your company can provide them.

Schedule Content Updates on a Regular Basis

Having your messages updated should be part of your content planning and review. Time passes by and clients may not have the same concerns, issues or questions. Your business may also have new products, sales or other news. So it is critical that you keep all this in mind in order to update your content on a regular basis. This would make your company look much more professional and would showcase your interest of having an informed and happy customer.

With a telephone on-hold marketing campaign you can optimize your resources while creating a positive caller experience and these helpful tips will help you build a more professional image, introduce and sell your products and services to customers, enhance customer services and of course turn an unhappy client into a happy one.

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