How On Hold Advertising Can Help You Gain Quality Followers and Subscribers to Social Networks

How On Hold Advertising Can Help You Gain Quality Followers and Subscribers to Social Networks

We know from what social media marketing experts tell us, that social media is about amassing an ever growing audience of quality subscribers, fans and followers. What better way to drive a targeted fan base to your social media than by mentioning it in your on hold advertising?  Think about this. Who calls your business? Prospects and customers that’s who — folks that already have interest in your brand.  So, where else can you find such a highly-targeted potential fan, follower or subscriber?

Word of mouth advertising used to be when your friend or neighbor asked: Do you know of a good plumber who can fix my stopped up drain?  Sure, person A (your happy customer) replies to person B (a prospective customer).  “I use XYZ Plumbing company for all my plumbing problems, here’s their number”.   So, person A tells person B about their satisfaction with your brand, recommending you, and hopefully person B then follows through on their inquiry which you gain a new customer without having to spend a single marketing dollar. Who wouldn’t love to gain new customers, without having to spend a single penny?

In a previous day in age, Sally might tell a few friends who tell a few friends and that was the best you could hope for, but that was then and this is now. With advent of social media like Facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. – the concept is the same, it’s the landscape that has changed allowing you to take full advantage in ways you previously couldn’t.  For example: Person B may no longer need to have to wait until they need a plumber to get a recommendation about your company, because person A can give you a  like, post something about your brand, or comment on your post or tweet.  Now, person B gets your recommendation or sees this information, even though they hadn’t asked for it!  Now the math is pretty simple here folks. The average person has 700+ ties in their social networks. So, let’s say you can build a fan base of 1000 people. Well, if the average person has 700+ ties in their social networks, and you have a 1,000 followers, you can gain exposure to over 700,000 people. Now, that has the potential to very powerful if you use the media correctly.

For example, take a local auto mechanic where you get your oil change because quite frankly, he does a good job and you like his service. While you are in the waiting room, you get on your smart phone and cruise Facebook. You find that your auto mechanic has a business page on Facebook where he offers coupons from time to time, so you click the like button to be notified in the future when he post coupons to Facebook. Suddenly, all your friends and relatives who live in the local community see that you liked that auto mechanic and know you like to have your car fixed there. Next time one of your friends’ cars break down there is a higher percentage chance that they will try your auto mechanic because of your recommendation.

Now, not every brand, or business may get a bazillion hits on their youtube channel, or become masters of the twittersphere and that’s ok too. You can still take advantage of social media by creating top of mind awareness which is just as valuable. Let’s say customer “X” doesn’t call you on a daily basis, therefore they may not be thinking of you on a daily basis either. But, you mention your facebook page, youtube channel or twitter handle in your messaging on hold advertisement, and they decide to join your social networks. The rule of thumb regarding social media is engagement, which means being active with your social networks by regularly engaging and communicating with fans.  So, let’s say you post even just once a day to your social networks. Guess what? That customer who doesn’t call or think about on a daily basis, you’re now getting in front of every single day. How’s that for top of mind awareness!

So, why not include your Social Media in your on hold marketing mix?  You just may be able to gain more subscribers/followers and create raving fans to increase your Top Of Mind Awareness and help grow your business, as well as build a more trusting relationship with your current clients.

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