How Much Does On hold Messaging Cost?

How Much Does On hold Messaging Cost?


If you’re considering message on hold for your business, you’ve no doubt hit the internet searching around to get the best bang for your buck! However much to your surprise, you quickly discover that many on-hold companies don’t advertise pricing for their services. Why is this you ask? Well, the truth of the matter is many music and message on hold providers are small, home-based, and/or part-time businesses, therefore pricing may depend on “their” needs at that moment in time –  rather than yours. You could call at 11 am and get a price quote, and call back at 3 pm and be quoted a completely different price. Another doozy is pricing far below that of the industry standard! Now you may be thinking you’re getting a deal, in fact a deal too good to be true, and that’s because it is. Most of these providers do not inform you up front of their hidden annual maintenance, licensing or usage fees, so that attractive low price isn’t really a low price at all – it’s an old school bait and switch technique.

A reputable music and message on hold provider advertises pricing for their services on their website. Sure, like most business services, message on hold is not one-size-fits-all. Our highly experienced account executives will discuss your current marketing strategies to determine the plan that best suits your company’s needs. Questions such as; Do you have seasonal changes in your business? Do you run monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly sales promotions? Do you exhibit at tradeshows several times throughout the year? These are just a few of the many questions asked about your business to help you get the best bang for your marketing buck!

 A retail business, or restaurant for example typically has monthly specials, therefore our Anytime Message Value Plan provides new message on hold recordings each month which is the perfect for businesses with frequent repeat callers, rapidly changing specials, products or services, or many events throughout the year. A heating & air-conditioning company has season fluctuations in their business, and need to promote different services at different seasons, so our Quarterly Message Value Plan covers the changing seasons and your change in marketing strategy. Some businesses are better suited for our Basic Message Vale Plan providing bi-annual changes. Usually one standard on hold recording used throughout the year, and a second on hold production for the holidays,  spreading good cheer and thanking clients for their continued patronage.  Although changing message content periodically is the secret to on hold marketing success, not every business is inclined to make changes. A funeral home as an example wouldn’t look to update their on hold message as their services remain consistent no matter what the time of year.

We have a variety of on hold programs and update schedules that can accommodate any company’s needs and marketing budget. We don’t oversell you a plan that’s not to your benefit, as the end result will be a customer feeling they over paid for something they didn’t get the maximum benefit from, thus causing you to be an unsatisfied customer. This is bad business, and never the approach we take when helping to determine the messaging plan and price that makes the most sense.

In closing, the price we advertise for our on-hold service is the price you pay! No games, No Hidden fees and No Surprises! At The Original On hold Inc., we even offer a risk free custom on hold demo trial. This is a complete custom on hold production for you to audition and evaluate before even making a purchasing decision.

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