How MedSpa On Hold Messages Helps to Increase Profits

How MedSpa On Hold Messages Helps to Increase Profits

How MedSpa On Hold Messages Increase Sales and Profits


Med spas – medical spas and medical aesthetic practices represent one of the nation’s fastest-growing industries. According to the American Med Spa Association,  in 2017 there were about 4,200 medical spas in the U.S., generating annual sales of nearly $4 billion. Between 2018 and 2022, revenue is expected to grow between 18-20% yearly.

New technology, younger patients, and a desire to avoid surgery, among other motivations, have led to an explosion of new consumers. But are you getting your share? Big growth is great, but it also means a big increase in competition! Thus, marketing your med spa in the same old ways is no longer adequate to secure attention from prospective patients, or loyalty from existing ones. Instead, new times and new audiences require smarter approaches.


A New Twist On an Old Technology.

Website? Check! … Social Media? Check! … Direct Mail Campaign? Check! … Loyalty Program? Check … It seems as they you have everything in place for a successful marketing strategy. Or do you? What about your inbound marketing strategy, especially as it relates to your inbound callers?

The one area that most marketers overlook is the customer telephone experience. With all the new shiny communication tools out there, according to a NewVoice Media study the good old-fashioned telephone is still the preferred method of contacting a business versus digital tactics. And, AT&T reports that 70% of call business calls are placed on hold. If you’re not paying attention to this invaluable customer touch-point with the use of on hold messages — then you’re missing out!

Your telephone serves as your “other front door”. So, will prospects stay to browse your services and perhaps “purchase” an appointment? They will if you give them reasons to do so, and that’s exactly what custom on hold messages will do for you. Sure on hold messaging may not be as sexy as some of today’s newer marketing techniques, but its a tried and proven method in both making a great first impression, and capitalizing on more inbound marketing opportunities than ever before.


A Successful On Hold Message Requires a Smart Marketing Strategy.

While we will discuss message content ideas a little later on in this post, it’s imperative that your on hold message marketing  focus on the two questions uppermost in every prospect’s mind:

        1.What will this procedure/treatment do for me?

        2.Why should I choose your med spa?

Today’s med spas serve multiple audiences. Men and women are living longer, healthier lives. As they age, they want to turn back the clock a bit, to look as young as they feel. In addition, young adults want to proactively head off signs of aging, to retain their youthful appearance.

Regardless of age, patients may have specific skin challenges or conditions they want to address, and they’re looking to your med spa for solutions. By strategically using on hold time to engage and connect with prospects and customers in a relevant way, your messaging will help boost brand recognition, establishes your expertise and credibility, and sets you head and shoulders above the competition.





Use Powerful Message Content to Convert More Callers into Customers!

You have a wide range of prospective patients calling you. Some are looking for a specific product or procedure, and they’re trying to decide if your specific med spa is right for them. Some are still learning about types of treatments that might address their aesthetic concern, regardless of which med spa provides the treatment. They need more information to make a decision about that as well as the right provider.

Think of your on hold messages as a partner in helping each caller make well-informed decisions to reach their personal aesthetic goals. Instead of insufferable sales pitches, you’re “selling” the fact that you are a knowledgeable, trustworthy resource. The more informative your hold message content, the more “appointment-ready” prospects will be when your staff returns to answer their call.


Be Sure to Keep On Hold Message Content Fresh.

One of the biggest mistakes med spa marketers make is letting content become stale and outdated. Like people, your messages age over time. Just as your services can help patients achieve a refreshed, more “current” appearance, periodically refreshing your on hold content keeps it in peak condition. This is not simply a matter of aesthetics.

You have to take a holistic approach to on hold message marketing, to ensure you’re providing callers with timely, relevant content which also reinforces your other marketing efforts.  When you keep content fresh, you’re able to increase awareness, generate more sales and profits, and secure customer loyalty.


Content Ideas to Increase Profits as Well as Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Opportunities.

The quality of your message is only going to be as good as the quality of the script-copy! Simply providing a laundry list of  your services isn’t going to capture the attention of, or engage your callers. Certainly, you need to let visitors know everything you offer – products as well as services. But you want to inform in a way that also intrigues prospects.  You want to plant “seeds of interest” with visitors, introducing them to services or products they may not have considered, or even known about. It’s called suggestive selling, and it’s one of the best ways to grow your business.

1. Educate callers about specific treatments or other services that you offer. People want to know more about popular procedures they may be considering for themselves. How does a laser treatment really work? What’s the difference between Botox and dermal fillers?

2. Educate prospects about brand new or up-and-coming procedures they may not have heard of. For example, what is a platelet-rich fibrin matrix, and what can it do?

3.   Educate caller about  product/service packages and sets. This is a great way to get clients to try a new product or service. Make sure they are seasonally appropriate and market them to your client by highlighting the features and benefits.

4. Let everyone know when you receive media coverage, a special award or honor, or another professional accreditation. It’s OK to pat yourself on the back in this way. People want to business with trustworthy businesses, and mentioning of honors and accolades reinforce your credibility.

5. Let everyone know about new expertise, equipment, or amenities which tells your audience you’re constantly improving. That’s a good sign.



Strategic, well-executed marketing has never been more important for your business. Great marketers know that there is an opportunity present and available in every moment. It is not just an opportunity for a transaction of cold, hard cash, it is the opportunity to engage, connect, and form the basis of a mutually-rewarding partnership for healthy skin!

Your med spa is top notch because you’ve invested time and effort in training, careful selection of your menu of procedures, and sharpening your skills. It’s time to invest in an equally top-notch marketing plan – one that attracts and retains the clientele you deserve. Are you Ready to expand your business?  Take the next step for your MedSpa with custom on hold messages. Contact us and let’s schedule a marketing consult because we can help! 


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