Hotels Use Scenting to Create Memorable Guest Experiences

Hotels Use Scenting to Create Memorable Guest Experiences

Scenting Strategy for Hotel & Hospitality Industry


If you are in the hotel & hospitality industry, you must be aware of the term “Scenting or Scentscaping.” From the beautiful, boutique beds to luxury hoteliers, breakfasts, toiletries, and so more –the hotel & hospitality industry is well-aware of the universal truth “the Nose Knows it All”! 

Scenting or Scent Marketing is an increasingly growing means of effective marketing that helps the hotels in building and reinforcing brand identity while aiming to enhance the overall guest experiences. When you are able to entice the olfactory senses of the guests in the hotel, your hotel brand can receive further customer satisfaction along with increased loyalty to your business.


What is Scenting – Scent Marketing?

In the current era of high-end hospitality services, the concept of Scenting is gaining impetus. The hotels around the world nowadays make use of enticing fragrances from corners of the universe to boost the overall mood of the guests and leave an everlasting impression in their minds. While auditory and visual presentation might be utmost importance for the hotel & hospitality industry, scent marketing involves the strategy of engaging the guests through the sophisticated presentation of sensory elements in the entire hotel environment –aimed at targeting the sense of smell to feel good about the overall services.

When any hotel business presents the guests with a heavenly sensory experience which is aimed at engaging the olfactory sense of the customers, it can help in evoking a favorable subconscious state of mind that reinforces loyalty and impressive brand image in the minds of the guests.


Yes! Scenting is a Real Guest Experience and Branding Strategy.

Hotel Scenting or Scent Marketing is a real marketing strategy! This marketing strategy is no longer restricted to the playgrounds of the high-end luxury resorts & hotels. In the current era, even budget hotel chains and boutique resorts are able to afford this revolutionary PR strategy with the help of some famous fragrance companies out there.

Scent marketing is capable of creating a unique & long-lasting impression on the guests. To promote the same, several businesses involved in the hospitality industry out there turned to professional scenting agencies to start creating their own signature fragrances to be used towards enhancing the overall guest experiences through their senses of smell.

By infusing your guests with the fragrant stimulus, you can engage with their olfactory memory. This will help in reinforcing the positive emotional connections between their fragrant memories and your overall brand image!


Final Thoughts…

Like other amenities, the sensory experience should complement the design and décor of a hotel. So be sure to  consider both the design and ambiance of a property and match a scent with the brand. For every space, there is a scent objective for example, lobbies are where the first impression is created, and the scent should enhance the company’s branding as well as the guest experience.

Wondering about create a signature scent at your hotel? Contact  our scenting division Scentsational Impressions and work with our  team of perfumers and designers to develop the perfect scent to match your brand and elevate the guest experience.


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