Hotel and Resort On Hold Messaging Can Increase Bookings

Hotel and Resort On Hold Messaging Can Increase Bookings

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Whether you’re a luxury resort, national hotel chain, or an independent motel, the goal of these establishments is always the same – to put heads in beds! And, every hotel and resort owner knows they need signage, a friendly staff and great marketing to attract potential guests. A stay at a hotel or resort is always about trying to create a great guest experience, but what happens when prospective guests call your hotel or resort?

For many, it means a failed opportunity to use this connection to create a positive first impression, make additional sales and increase revenues, all because they fail to play on hold messaging at their hotel or resort when the customer is on hold.

When someone calls your property, you might think the hard part is over. Truth be told, the selling process is still happening. Potential guests will judge their potential guest experience as a direct result of how they’re treated on the phone. If they’re not treated right, they won’t book a stay, and it means a lost sales opportunity. Even worse, if potential guests call and are placed on hold, they may hang-up and cancel before ever giving you a chance to serve them.  AT&T reports that over 60% of callers who wait in silence hang-up in less than 45  seconds, and that nearly 40% will never call you back.

Here are 4 ways on hold messaging can increase profits at your hotel or resort.

1. Differentiate Yourself From Competitors
When guests and prospective guests are on hold, it presents an opportunity to market the attributes of your property; and highlight what makes you different. For instance: What are some amenities you provide not offered by a competitor? Free HBO? 3:00PM Checkout? Do you have an on-site restaurant? What are nearby attractions? Is the property close to a convention center, town square, college, etc.? Explain what makes your property an ideal location and why! Give your guests a reason to choose your hotel over a hotel two blocks or two miles away.

2. Promote Special Offers
Now that you have an interested person on the other end of the line, you should include promotional offers in your on hold script. Let callers know about Extended stays, Romantic Escapes, Weekend Get-Aways and more. Does your property have a spa? If so, explain what services are available and how guests can book appointments, or if you offer special Spa Weekends.

3. Increase Additional Revenue Sources
If your hotel or resort offers business or banquet facilities, then your message on hold can help put some emphasis on why you’re the right choice for guests to host weddings, business gatherings, reunions or other social events. Let them know you can do everything from holding a training session in a conference room to being the venue for a wedding on the grounds of your hotel.

4. Encourage Guests to Refer New Customers
When you have satisfied guests, they can be a great source for new customers. In addition to rewards programs, many hotels and resorts also offer incentives to encourage guests to refer others. While callers are on hold, you can use your message to encourage them to refer friends and family to stay at your hotel by giving them various incentives like a room discount on a future stay, free dinner, or perhaps, a gift card.

Being in the hospitality business is all about creating a positive guest experience. What better way to show callers you care, while at the same time marketing the attributes of your property, and excite potential customers and tourists about your resort or hotel giving them a reason to stay with you.

They’ve called your property and want to stay with you. Why give them the “silent treatment” when you put them on hold? When guests and potential guests are on hold, they are a highly-engaged, interested, and you have their full attention. Are you making the most of this opportunity?

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