Holiday Marketing Checklist Guide to Achieve More Sales!

Holiday Marketing Checklist Guide to Achieve More Sales!

Holiday Marketing Checklist Guide For More Sales


While it may feel like it was just yesterday that we had that last hurrah of summer, and the kids just started back to school, the reality is the holidays are quickly on the horizon. The holiday season is a key revenue source for many businesses, so it’s time for businesses to ensure that their holiday marketing plans are in order to cash in on the biggest buying season of the year.

Our holiday marketing checklist guide includes tips on using different tools and campaigns broken down into three categories; on hold messaging, marketing videos and in-store music and audio messages to capitalize on available marketing opportunities this holiday season. You’ll want to have these planned out and in place well before the holidays arrive to help you reach your targeted audience and achieve more sales.


On Hold Messages


Callers to your business possess three things marketers’ dream of:

  1. They’re highly-targeted
  2. They’re captive
  3. They already have some interest in goods or services your business has to offer

What else could you ask for?

For this reason, advertising to callers with messages on hold is the perfect way to introduce special holiday offers, and to motivate impulse purchases. For example, you can advertise holiday specials, Black Friday deals, small business Saturday specials, season specific services, or companion products/services for up-selling. An auto repair shop might promote both routine maintenance, as well as tire specials on making cars winter-ready. The possibilities are literally endless.


Custom Marketing Videos

Video is by far the most successful way to connect, engage and motivate audiences to take action. Having a custom marketing video campaign is a sure fire way to help achieve more sales. Remember, your marketing video can be placed in a variety of settings such as; on your website, social media and video sharing platforms.

However, when investing in a custom marketing video, you can also use your video for in-store marketing. When strategically placed near high-traffic areas and targeted areas your customers are likely to see, you’re able to not only engage shoppers with special holiday promotions, but like with on-hold messaging, increase your chances at impulse purchase and cross-selling.

Let’s face it, we all use our smart-phone as if it were the air we breathe in order to stay alive. We simply don’t go anywhere without it! Prospects and customers are on the go, and especially when dealing with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. So, you can also use your marketing for targeted ad placement for mobile searches and help fuel holiday sales.


In-Store Music and Audio Marketing Messages


Famous retail brands have known for years that the power of sound influences shoppers in a way without them even realizing it. The strategic use of music hones in on the sensory details, or stimuli.

Retail soundscapes can consist of more than just music! When you add audio marketing messages to the music (like with on hold messages or even video), you’re able to promote special offers, or companion products to increase up-sells. With the proper  in-store music design, you’re able to properly trigger behaviors including the: “I want to spend more money” behavior to help boost sales and build consumer loyalty.


Whether you use one or all three of these strategies as a part of your holiday marketing mix, you can include special limited time offers, seasonal specific products/services, companion items, and limited-time offers to boost holiday sales. But wait, there’s even more opportunity! You can also promote a big holiday event, Black Friday deals, Small Business Saturday specials, or provide relevant and helpful holiday tips and tricks to help establish credibility and authority – making your brand the go-to business this holiday season.

So there you have it, our holiday marketing checklist. Keep in mind one of the most critical aspects of successful holiday marketing is proper planning to help reinforce your brand during the holiday season and bolster holiday sales.

What are your favorite holiday marketing methods? What has worked for you in the past, and what hasn’t? Let us know in the comments!

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