It’s spring time once again! Have you al" />

Have You Update Your On hold Marketing for the Spring Season!!

Have You Update Your On hold Marketing for the Spring Season!!

It’s spring time once again! Have you already updated your on hold messages? If not, then you’ve got some updating to do! Make sure you stay ahead of the game during this time of rebirth and awakening!

If  on hold marketing is considered as one of the most effective and cost-efficient marketing strategies for most businesses, why do you still hold on to that same marketing style when you can recapture those precious marketing moments with an updated message on hold script?

According to studies done by top telecommunications companies, 20% of the callers actually place an order after they hear a professional on hold message in the background. Think of on hold message as an infomercial, only this type is commercial is delivered directly at your customers.

In your on hold messages, you can tell them basically anything – the company’s history, latest achievements, seasonal offerings,  even the latest products and services; whatever type of information you think is relevant to the callers.

You might be thinking that after all these good things you can do in that simple piece of technology, what would be the upkeep? Well, it’s fairly simple! Updating message content, and keeping your on hold message and fresh and up-to-date about the latest news in your company will improve customer retention especially when you give them something that is original that will continually arouse their interest.

Now, we’ve made the process of updating message on hold script content fast and simple with our Message Xpress, our web based on hold message management and delivery system, which allows you to edit a new or archived script in your account, as well as audition and submit voice and music for your production.

Imagine anytime, 24/7, whether from your office desk, the comfort of your home, a hotel room or even relaxing on a beach, you can create and submit a new message on hold script with a few simple clicks.  For some companies, 2-3 updates a year is good enough, while others needs monthly updates to make sure that messages don’t go stale and boring. Make sure to plan ahead, so you can coordinate your on hold marketing with other advertising efforts.

Speaking of which, now that spring is tapping over our shoulders, have you already informed your customers about your latest offerings – a new line of products only available this season, perhaps? Make sure that you keep customers up to their toes; give them a reason to smile whenever they call you just like how spring gives you a reason to forget all the sorrows and miseries of winter.

Whatever your plans are, don’t forget to maintain your on hold messages’ freshness and relevance. The updates work wonders, and then you can just leave the rest to us – The Original On Hold, Inc.

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