Growing Your Brand with Custom Marketing Videos

Growing Your Brand with Custom Produced Marketing Videos!

Growing Your Brand with Custom Produced Marketing Videos!

Growing Your Brand with Custom Marketing Videos



These days, customers and prospect are busier than ever. Which is why custom business videos work best because they quickly introduce your brand, explain your offering, and show prospective customers how said offering can solve their problem or need.  Video does what text doesn’t. It creates an immediate, real and authentic route of interaction and connectivity with audience members, who can often provide reactions and comments in real time.

Your brand is not a stagnant strategy on a piece of paper — you must bring it to life. Video tells your brand story and keeps your audience connected. It lends electroshock therapy to flatlining marketing strategies and generates pulse. Video is an amazing way to build strength behind any advertising campaign. Properly designed and produced marketing videos incorporate effective marketing content that will help increase awareness and interest for your business. 

Below are  6 ways professionally produced custom marketing videos help grow your business.





1. Creating Brand Recognition

What names come to mind when you think about online search engines? What about cake mixes? More importantly, what name will come to mind when people think about your product? Your company, your product, is your baby. You have invested hundreds of hours and devoted many sleepless nights into planning, research, and development. Quality, targeted videos of your product, and your mission, will put you head and shoulders above the crowd.



2. Entice People to Purchase from You

The power of the internet may give us access to more prospective customers than ever before, but it’s still hard to make sales online. Just because you’re working with a larger pool of prospects doesn’t mean it’s as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. You’ll need a strong marketing plan – and you’ll want to include video marketing in that strategy.

According to numerous studies, about 50% of all people that viewed an online video went on to make a purchase. If that statistic doesn’t capture your attention, I don’t know what will. What better reason than that is there to use video marketing than to increase your sales?



3. Use Videos to Share Testimonials

You can use this opportunity to showcase your product as well as share “visual reviews” with the world. Written reviews are fantastic and have their place, but your product alongside the smiling face of a well satisfied customer carry some extra weight. People trust people, it can take some time to build the trust in the brand, and this will help to bridge that gap. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a brief 3-minute video worth?



4. Offer Behind the Scenes access to Your Product

This is called “Building the Hype Train”. Congratulations, you are launching a shiny new Earth shattering product… Who cares? You do of course, and who better to share that excitement! Get the word out, show the world your new widget! (Use discretion if still in development, they don’t need to see software source code, or how much butter goes into your new dish).

Think of this like ordering a dish at a new restaurant. Your friends have been telling you for weeks just how good this place is, you have cleared an evening that you are anticipating will be filled with bliss. You have been salivating over how that steak will taste as you throw yourself into the first bite, and now, you hear it still sizzling from the grill as it nears your table… Give your audience that same anticipation! Build them to the first bite of your succulent new widget. Make them tell their friends how after their first bite, they couldn’t wait to share with the world!



5. Product Demonstrations

Is your product tech? Don’t assume everyone knows how to mount and port files, offer some guidance, make it accessible. High quality, and creative product demonstration videos goes a long way with many people, even those who know what they are doing but like shortcuts. The only things people have bought that they didn’t want to be easy were Rubik’s Cubes and 10,000 piece puzzles. Unless you are selling those, help them along!

Dash, a startup company founded in 2012. recently released a video that showcases its connected car platform that turns any car into a “smart” car. The video does a great job showcasing how to use their product, especially since it is technology based and makes it much easier to understand than having to read long form text.




6. Competitve Edge

Video is on the rise in every corner of the web; in fact it’s estimated that  almost 80 percent of Internet traffic is video content. Unfortunately, this means that businesses not using video to their advantage won’t just be missing sales opportunities; they’ll actually be put at a huge disadvantage in a competitive market. If you’re serious about staying competitive then you need to stay in command of your market with marketing videos, because if you don’t, there’s a likely competitor who will.


Final Thoughts…

These are 6 ways marketing videos help to grow your business! Find yourself a good video marketing and production agency to work with that has good copywriters and a solid film crew. Sure, you could attempt to do it on your own, but let’s face it, you are busy enough running your company.

Video advertising works! No matter where you are, or what device you are using (laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone), it’s hard to resist the temptation to press the ‘play’ button on a video in your social media feed. That impulse is what makes video marketing your best and most effective resource, for branding, special sales and promotions, or event advertising.

At Original Video Productions, we excel at helping small and medium sized businesses level the playing field, with strategic content marketing services that help you grow your digital footprint, and sales potential. Need help creating your next marketing video? Contact us today for a no obligation video marketing discovery session.

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