Grow your Cosmetic Surgery Practice with On Hold Messages!

Grow your Cosmetic Surgery Practice with On Hold Messages!

How to Grow Your Cosmetic Surgery Practice with On Hold Messages


There are a lot of shiny objects in cosmetic surgery marketing vying for your attention. Sure, it’s fun to think about the latest social media craze, or newest extension to your Google ads. They’re all great, and they’ll help you grow. But there is one fundamental that all cosmetic surgery practices should have in place that is indispensable. What is it? On hold messages.

While custom on hold messages might not be as shiny, or sexy as some other marketing programs they certainly play an integral role in the patient conversion and satisfaction process. Plastic surgery is an extremely competitive market! In fact, an American Society of Plastic Surgeons report showed that in 2016, Americans spent more than $16 billion on cosmetic plastic surgeries and minimally invasive procedures.

Do you fully understand the value of  inbound calls? The telephone is the lifeline of your business.  Appointments are being set, inquiries are made, and appointments are being confirmed or shifted. And, since prospective patients weigh their options for months, even years, before committing to a procedure, your practice must create brand awareness, educate, and connect with prospective patients at this invaluable touchpoint in order to give you the best chance to win the business.

Cosmetic Surgery On Hold Message Sample:


Let’s take a look below how cosmetic surgery on hold messages help you reaching potential patients at the point of exploration and decision; distinguish your services from other practices; and build trust.


Build patient trust.

Often times a person calling into your practice is calling for general information, and is a stranger to the physician and staff. Since trust is at the core of building credibility and is invaluable to a practice, you can use on hold messaging to inform callers about a  physician’s training, education, board certification, associations, and particular areas of surgical interest. These offer a patient the means to better identify the surgeon’s qualifications. The more information a patient has on a particular physician’s specialty, the better decision he/she will make with regards to their surgery.


Educate callers about your full complement of  cosmetic procedures.

When most people hear the words “cosmetic surgery”, more often than not, they think about rhinoplasty (nose job) or breast augmentation. This may be one of the reasons that according to a AASM study, prospective patients are usually only familiar with less than 10% of available procedures at a cosmetic surgery practice.

Your cosmetic surgery center on hold messages will educate about “all” of your available procedures or lesser known services. Hearing what’s available plants “seeds of interest” with callers – hey, I didn’t know they could do that. It’s a subtle form of suggestive selling that can help grow your practice.


Increase patient referrals to your cosmetic practice.

The number one way to attract new patients to your cosmetic surgery practice is to build strong relationships with your current ones. There’s no better way to remind callers about any referral rewards programs you offer, or how referring family members, friends and colleagues are the highest compliment that can be paid to you and your staff. The power of referrals can do more to bring in new patients than almost any other method, and your on hold message is a powerful way to stimulate those referrals.


Drive positive online reviews.

Online reviews are so important that 86 percent of people say that they would not visit a cosmetic practice that has no reviews online. Your on hold message is the perfect tool to encourage patients to leave positive online reviews. Additionally, your messaging can also help to increase fans/followers to your social media platforms.


Help reduce “No-Shows!”

Now shows and cancellations cost your practice lost potential revenues. Why not use your hold message to tell your clients about your cancellation policy and watch your no-shows decrease.  This will help to reinforce the importance of keeping scheduled appointments and treatments.


Answer FAQ’s to reduce hold time.

Often times a person is calling in with general inquiries such as your office address, hours of operation, accepted credit cards, website address, etc. Free up office staff and reduce on hold time by answering more commonly asked questions. This gives callers the info they need right away, so they aren’t kept on hold.



As you have now discovered we’ve covered above, implementing on hold messages at your cosmetic surgery practice will fuel new ways to grow and improve the patient experience. It’s true that it may not be as shiny or sexy as other marketing programs, but it’s time tested and proven to be one of the most effective tools in your marketing arsenal.  Interested in getting started? Want to find out more? Contact Original On Hold today!

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