Give Inbound Callers Info About How Corona Affects Them

Give Inbound Callers Info About How Corona Affects Them

Give Inbound Callers Info About How Corona Affects Them


Nearly all sectors of the economy are feeling the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19). Many are not visiting in person, and this means that the old-fashioned telephone can be your key link to your customers, patients, guests, visitors, etc

As a result of the coronavirus, businesses are reporting a significant increase in call volume – leading to prolonged hold times for anxious callers. As such, the telephone remains one of the fastest, most effective tools when it comes to communicating with customers during a crisis like the coronavirus outbreak by having an integrated communications strategy.

How Auto Attendant Recordings and On Hold Messages Can Help Your Business Survive During the COVID-19 Outbreak!

The coronavirus scare is causing certain segments of our customer base to be overwhelmed with inbound calls from worried customers. Additionally, many businesses have temporarily closed, reduced work hours, no longer allow the general public to enter their facilities, etc.

During the COVID-19 Crisis your auto attendant recordings and on hold messaging can:

  • Communicate up-to-date information as quickly as possible to callers.  Share accurate, current information and guidance. Update this information as news and best practices warrant.
  • Offer tips to callers about ways to stay safe (wash hands, avoid close contact, disinfect common areas, have needed supplies on hand).
  • Use both automated phone recordings and on hold messages as an opportunity to provide callers with an improved, stress-reducing experience.


Final Thoughts…

Forward-thinking crisis communication managers should include the phone system in their strategy. Think through all the possible caller expectations and messaging that you may possibly need in a crisis, including contact center staffing, phone tree design, etc.

Get Front of It! .. At some point we will be past this! If you manage the caller experience well, you will earn trust and loyalty, and yoube able to flourish once again when brighter days are upon us.

We’re all in this one together, so during the difficult times related to the COVID-19 coronavirus, Original On Hold has ramped up our production operations, and we’re here to help you communicate with your customers.

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