Generic Hold Music is the Internet’s Pet Peeve!

Generic Hold Music is the Internet’s Pet Peeve!

It’s an early start to 2014, and it doesn’t take a lot of clicking or searching on any of your favorite search engines to realize that Internet users are outraged by the usual, generic, boring on hold music. You can find people who have posted blogs with actual recordings, and venting about how irritating the caller on hold experience is due to long hold times, and poor choices in music on hold, heck you can even tweet about and join millions of other unhappy on hold callers!

In a time before the internet and social media, if someone was unsatisfied with the experience at your company, sure they may inform friends, family and coworkers to avoid your brand.  While certainly no business can afford to have negative information that could potentially impacting their business. But, let’s face it, the audience was probably pretty small and you could probably do enough damage control to prevent bigger headaches. But that was then, and this is now!

In order to avoid being the subject of one of these consumer venting blogs, create your own custom on hold messages. The biggest reason people feel anger towards on hold music, is the general feeling of being ignored and not engaged. Your customers deserve better. Your customers deserve the next best thing to talking to your customer service agent.

Some great ideas for custom hold messages:

Promote your Social Media Accounts

By driving more customers to your social media channels through your on hold messaging, you can avoid extremely long wait lines for people who must speak directly to a representative, and you will increase your sites traffic. If you use social media properly you can increase customer satisfaction quickly.

Provide Discount Codes to Patient Callers

Everyone loves something that is free. The best reward for your clients who patiently wait for your stellar customer service? A discount off their next purchase! Giving a 10% loyalty discount can dramatically improve the mood of the client. Try it now!

Review Current and/or Upcoming Promotions

By restating and indicating what your business’ upcoming promotions are, you are able to encourage your clients to hold on, or potentially increase your sales.

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