Four Reasons Why Updating Your On Hold Music at the Holidays is Important

Four Reasons Why Updating Your On Hold Music at the Holidays is Important

The holidays are a busy time for everyone. Businesses, consumers and everyone in between are hustling and bustling. During this time of year, your customers may be particularly antsy, it would be important to update your hold messages with pertinent information to ensure that they are well informed and entertained while waiting on hold.

Here are four reasons to update your hold music during the holidays

Promote your specials

The best way to get your customers to listen to your specials in detail is when you have their full attention. There is no better time to use your free advertising time than during your hold message to promote your holiday sales. You don’t have to work at getting the attention of your customers; you already have it, so use it. Announce specials, details, limited time offers and much more. You can also use this time to tell your customers some great gift ideas your company may have to offer.

Holiday Hours

As a consumer, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get a hold of a business and realizing that their hours during the holiday season have changed. By being up front with this information you may save your customers and your customer service representatives a lot of headaches.

New Year Plans

Changing to a new supplier in the New Year? Opening a new location? Using your hold messages can quickly and easily inform your customers of any upcoming changes you may be making. You can also use this time to inform your customers of your new hours, or potential product launches coming up.

Celebrating Diversity

Hold messages are a great way to celebrate the diversity in your company. If you take time to have someone in senior leadership such as your president, CEO or vice president to wish all of your clients of all denominations a happy holiday season you are putting a personalized touch on a normally boring experience for the customer. Your customer may be used to hearing the same elevator music on hold and hearing your leadership team wishing him or her a respectful and happy holiday season will help gain their trust and will give a warm welcome to your clients.

Whatever your reasons are, it’s always best to be current and up-to-date with your hold messages. This will keep your clients engaged and listening to your key messages. The more personalized and inclusive your messages, the more success you will see.

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