Fostering Brand Loyalty With an On hold Marketing Message Strategy

Fostering Brand Loyalty With an On hold Marketing Message Strategy

Brand loyalty is defined as; The extent of the faithfulness of consumers to a particular brand, expressed through their repeat purchases, irrespective of the marketing pressure generated by the competing brands.  A report by Ernst & Young showed: “In a survey of nearly 25,000 people, only 25% of American consumers say brand loyalty is something that impacts their buying behavior.”

Older generations actually had it easier than brands of today. Ask anyone who is 40+ (baby boomer and Gen X’er), and they’ll tell you that if you wanted an adhesive bandage, you bought Band-Aids, or if you wanted a tissue, you bought Kleenex. And so on and so on. Yes Sir, Times were a whole lot different some 20+ years ago… No social media, no real internet – at least the way we know it to be today and surely mobile phones were not what they are today, not by a long shot.

Competing brands of today have more channels than ever before to solicit your most valuable asset – your customer! It’s clear, everyone’s out for your customer’s dollar, and they’re trying to lure them away by trying to appeal to them through  emails, mobile messages, direct mail, etc. you can barely escape it!

Overtime, business owners have now realized that creating top of mind awareness, and securing brand loyalty has never been more crucial, yet more difficult at the same time. Now this is where music on hold marketing messages comes into play. Messaging on hold does more than just serve as entertainment for callers who are waiting on the other line.  On-hold marketing messages provide a unique way of emphasizing the company’s professionalism and the staff’s warm and caring attitude.  And beyond that, marketers love the plain and simple fact of providing highly-targeted messages to give the relevant information about your business, creating top of mind awareness!

Technology has revolutionized the way we interact with brands. In a world with so much choice, where it’s all about the next big thing and not being the last person to get there, consumers have no hesitation in ditching their favorite ‘brand of the moment’ for a new, more exciting product or service, or simply a cheaper alternative. The current ‘boom or bust’ climate is pretty cut throat and has made it far more difficult for brands to stand the test of time, and maintain or even grow brand loyalty, but it’s not impossible.

Our professional on-hold copywriters craft a custom music on hold script sample to reflect and communicate the ideals of your company and your business, establish credibility and reassure callers with important decision making questions such as “Can you really help me with this?” or “Can I trust you and your staff to fix or solve my current situation?”  There are many brands proving that, with hard work and clever thinking, it can be done. Trust and loyalty go hand in hand in securing a consumer’s commitment to your brand.

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