5 Stats to Consider Having An On Hold Marketing Strategy

5 Stats to Consider Having An On Hold Marketing Strategy



If there was ever a time to create a solid on-hold marketing strategy, it is now. Sure, lots of businesses focus their marketing efforts on the latest digital trends such as social media, mobile ads, video, and of course the holy grail – online marketing!

If you’re ignoring on hold marketing, and how it impacts your inbound calls then you’re missing a lot. In fact, intent-based solutions company NICE Systems found the telephone is the preferred method for 88 percent of people.

It’s time to rethink the caller experience, even in the digital age. Despite the options to engage — social, text, email, apps, etc. — your customers are still calling.


Here are Five Eye-Opening Stats About On Hold Marketing.

1. An AT&T study shows 70% of all business calls are placed on hold.

2. A Teleconnect surgery shows 30% of callers make a buying decision after hearing an on hold message.

3. Sales & Marketing Magazine reports businesses experience a 50% increase in requested for additional products/services mentioned on hold.

4. A North American Telecommunication Association study shows over 80% of callers prefer on hold messaging versus silence or radio.

5. Call Center Today – without on hold messages, over 60% of callers will hang-up in less than one minute and not call back.

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The value of good on hold marketing messages confirms that it provides for a better overall customer experience, and are more likely to intend to remain a loyal customer than those who were dissatisfied. One of  the more eye-popping statistics is that a sizeable portion of callers make a purchase after hearing an offer while on hold.

With so many options available to prospects these days, first interactions and customer satisfaction has never been more important. As you can clearly tell by the statistics above, effective call-handling can seriously impact your bottom line.

If it’s time to consider implementing an on-hold marketing strategy, then get in touch. Original On Hold has more than 26 years of industry experience helping brands both big and small.  Need even more reasons? Then check out our on-hold marketing boot camp series.

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