Expert Tips on How to Create the Best On-Hold Messages

Expert Tips on How to Create the Best On-Hold Messages

Expert Tips to Create the Best On Hold Messages

On-hold messages are an often-overlooked aspect of customer service, but they play a crucial role in maintaining customer engagement and satisfaction. When customers call a business, they expect to be assisted promptly, but sometimes they have to wait on hold for a few minutes before they can speak to a representative. During this time, on-hold messages provide a valuable opportunity to keep customers informed and engaged. On average, customers spend about 20-30% of their time on hold listening to these messages, making them a critical aspect of any business’s customer service strategy.

On-hold messages are essential for businesses to keep their customers engaged and informed while waiting for assistance. They are also an opportunity to showcase the company’s values and brand personality. However, creating effective on-hold messages can be challenging.

Here are some expert tips to help you create the best on-hold messages.

Keep it Short and Sweet:
The attention span of most people is short, and when they are on hold, they are usually impatient and want to speak to a representative as soon as possible. Therefore, keeping your on-hold messages short and to the point is essential. Your customers don’t want to listen to a lengthy message that doesn’t provide any valuable information. Keep your message brief and to the point, ideally between 30 seconds to a minute.

Provide Valuable Information:
While keeping your message short and sweet, make sure to provide your customers with valuable information that can help them while they wait. For example, you can inform them of your business hours, your services or products, or any upcoming events or promotions. This information can help engage your customers and make their wait time more productive.

Reflect Your Brand Personality:
Your on-hold message is an opportunity to showcase your brand personality and values. Make sure your message reflects the tone and voice of your brand. For example, if you’re a fun and playful brand, your on-hold message can reflect that through humor and upbeat music. If you’re a more serious brand, your message can be more informative and straightforward.

Keep it Up to Date:
On-hold messaging should be updated regularly to ensure they remain relevant and informative. If your business hours change, or if you’re offering a new product or service, make sure to update your on-hold message accordingly. Outdated information can lead to frustration and confusion for your customers.

Test and Evaluate:
Finally, it’s essential to test and evaluate your on-hold message regularly. Ask for feedback from your customers and use analytic tools to track engagement and retention rates. This information can help you identify areas for improvement and optimize your on-hold message for maximum effectiveness.

Wrap It Up:
In summary, on-hold messages are critical to maintaining customer engagement and satisfaction during wait times. To create effective on-hold messages, businesses should provide valuable information, reflect their brand personality, and personalize their message. It’s also important to keep the message clear and professional, offer options, keep it up to date, and test and evaluate regularly. With advancements in technology, businesses have even more possibilities to enhance their on-hold messages, ultimately improving the overall customer experience.

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