Being pioneers in this industry, we at The Original On Hold, Inc. have worked w" />

Examining the Characteristics of a Good On Hold Message

Examining the Characteristics of a Good On Hold Message

Being pioneers in this industry, we at The Original On Hold, Inc. have worked with thousands of on hold messages and delivered services to a heap of companies who want to improve their marketing strategies. During all those years of continuous hard work to improve the quality of our services, one of the most important lessons we’ve learned is to: “lessen the waiting time of callers on hold as much as possible.”

To do this, we have to make sure that the message is brief, but straight to the point by using the right “economy of words” to keep the callers engaged. However, rather than giving you a step by step process on how to go about your on hold message, we decided to examine the top 4 characteristics of a great on hold message.


We noticed that most problems with on hold messages is that companies are trying to become humble with their products and services – too humble, in fact. Remember that you have to take pride of your brand and you’re your business does because you’re the only person who’s familiar on how to get the job done. Callers also feel more secured to work with you if you exude confidence over the service you’re providing. Authoritative can also mean providing substantial facts to customers, that way not only did you promote your products and services, you also added credibility on you brand.


According to studies, a professionally-made on hold message will make a minute on hold feel like waiting for only a few seconds. This is because  engaging music  on hold & messages will keep customers on their toes and will keep them entertained the whole time they’re waiting for you on the other line. In short, familiar phrases as well as asking questions to your callers are a few tricks to make them stay on the line.

Conversational and Friendly

An on hold message voice that sounds like you’re talking to a real person can help gain the client’s trust. Also, it can help lessen the caller’s frustration, making the most irate customer tolerate being put on hold for a few minutes.


The main reason why businesses should have message on hold is not only because they have to entertain waiting callers, but it’s also more of providing support in case there are some concerns that needs to be addressed. By letting them know that you’re willing to help them with any of their questions, you’re making it easy for callers to wait on the other line. Reassuring them that they’ve called the right number and the right company is already a good way to let them know that you’re willing to go the distance to help them with anything related to your brand.

These characteristics mentioned are just a few of elements of the formula needed to have a good on hold message script. Of course, there are other things that you need to take into consideration to make sure that the message is effectively communicated to callers such as the right voice, background music, production quality, etc.  However, by keeping all these characteristics in mind, we assure you that your message on hold is good shape, and adding these essentials will surely help you in advancing to the next level of the success ladder

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