Effective Corporate Video Production and Marketing Strategies

Effective Corporate Video Production and Marketing Strategies

corporate video production and marketing

The question today isn’t “why should we use video?” Instead it is “How can we use video? And how do we make it pervasive?” Enterprises must find the right approach for their organization, identifying where video can add the most value, and then thinking through an architecture for video so that technologies can integrate and work together.

Corporate video is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing components of marketing and still businesses struggle to develop a clear video marketing campaign that will have measurable impact on their sales. Users expect a high-quality—and simple—video experience, so when it comes to a solid corporate video production strategy, you have to be concise and cover all of your bases. Your videos should have a purpose aligned with your business goals.

So, how do you develop an effective corporate video production and marketing strategy? It must start with a corporate video brief and a clear goal. We consider this one of the first, crucial steps, in beginning to develop your corporate video strategy.

Here are our tips for corporate video production and marketing best practices:

Getting Started

First, you must determine your target audience, the main idea you want to convey, the key details to support your case and the campaign call to action.

What type of content you’ll make

It is essential to define the scope of your company’s needs before you begin. What kinds of videos will work best for them? Educational videos? Entertaining? Practical? A mix? Your brand’s tone and audience’s needs should determine your approach here.

Exactly who are you making this content for?

Outline your target demographic with as much detail as you can. What your audience should takeaway from your videos: What’s the value add of your content in particular? What does it help your audience do?

Though every step in making this strategy work is important, what you do with your video (promotion) after it is completely finished is just as important. Why spend time and money to create a polished corporate video and then all but hide it from potential viewers?

Creating content isn’t enough: you need a plan to drive people to your videos. Social media platforms, company message boards, and e-mail marketing can all be effective methods for promoting your new video—both in advance and once it has been posted online.

Another consideration for an effective corporate video marketing strategy is that in an age of “on the go technology” video productions get delivered to their audience in an ever increasing number of ways. No longer is there a one size fits all approach for delivery. So, your video can be as flashy as you’d like, but if you have nothing to say, or if your message hits the wrong note, or doesn’t get seen – then it’s all for nothing!

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Drop us a line on how you’ve included corporate video production and marketing as a part of your overall mix.

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