Does Your On hold Message Script Copy Sell Features or Benefits

Does Your On hold Message Script Copy Sell Features or Benefits

Let’s talk advertising in particular; what you say in your on hold marketing ads.

I cringe when an client says, “Record this. We’ve been around for 50 years.”  Big deal! That’s a feature, you need to focus on the benefits  such as: “Because we’ve been around 50 years, we can tell you which paint will stand the test of time”.

As shocking as this might sound, you see Customers don’t care about you, they care about themselves,  so  your on hold message should be  focused on the benefit to them!

What about this one? “Contact us for all your stationery requirements.” Requirements? That’s just playing lazy copy.

Compare that to, “When you need copy paper at midnight, drop in and see us.” You see there’s a tangible difference in the way this resonates with your caller.

Ever heard with a new radio ad for a new car with the announcement reels off 20 different features? You don’t remember them all.  Don’t bother with long lists, you’re better of selecting the one or two most compelling features and focusing on them in your on hold message script.

Don’t waste your audiences time with  inane rubbish in your like: “Our friendly-staff, is here to help.”

Who doesn’t have friendly staff?  That’s a given, and unless you’re doing a branding campaign, you probably wanna see an instant return on your advertising, so promote an offer, give something away, provide a loss leader. Customers are notoriously hard to motivate, so your offer has to stand out, and then, make it easy for them to contact you.

There’s no point in having a 100 people excited about your offer in the Saturday paper if they can’t buy until Monday. Many will have forgotten by then, and some will have sourced it on the net – all because you weren’t ready to capitalize on their interest. If you’ve not put these ideas into play before in your on hold marketing, then give them a go now and watch your revenues rise.

It’s rather simple. If nobody knows about your product or fully appreciates its benefits, the product will not sell. On the other hand, a well-designed on hold marketing campaign can make even a mediocre product a success. Do not worry if you cannot find the resources to create a big marketing budget. Instead, think about making the greatest possible return for every dollar you spend on marketing.


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