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Does Your In-Store Music Need an Atmosphere Upgrade?

Does Your In-Store Music Need an Atmosphere Upgrade?

Does Your In-Store Music Need An Atmosphere Upgrade_


Music is a very personal choice. Some of  us like pop, rap or country, while others prefer rock, jazz or classical. Because music tastes vary when it comes to music in your business, never, I repeat, never choose music based on your personal preference. Why? Shockingly you’re likely to find that your customers don’t necessarily like the same music you do, and can adversely affect their impression of your brand, and overall spend.

So, what’s the in-store music strategy at your business? Often times, business background music is not  well thought out! Instead of giving it careful consideration, as it reflects your brand image – many business owners and managers are tempted to download their favorite iTunes playlist, or since they personally use a service like Pandora, Spotify or  iHeart radio at home that they should play that for the background  music in their business.

Besides the fact that your music preference may be to the disliking of your customers, you can be faced with the legalities of using these music services in a business without the proper license to do so.


                                     Pandora’s Service Agreement states the following:

Due to the terms of our music licenses, the consumer version of the Pandora service (including Pandora One) cannot legally be used to play music in a commercial setting.


An article over at says: “Recently a federal appeals court recently upheld a decision that a California bar had to pay about $200,000 because it played eight songs without permission and then repeatedly ignored requests from a music-licensing organization for it to buy a license.”

Now that you understand what the legal ramifications can be, have you given any thought to the fact that these services use algorithms to make music selections for you and the type of ads you hear. Yup! You don’t control the content, and may very well be playing competitors ads in your business, to your customers!

Marketing executives must understand that the differentiator today and beyond is the customer experience. Customers today have too many options, and if they can’t get it from you, they can simply get it elsewhere. For this very reason, the in-store music at your business should be about designing a customer experience for your brand.

You need to play background music that creates an appropriate ambiance for your customers. If your brand is synonymous with rest and relaxation, is the music too upbeat? Or is it too mainstream for your hip and trendy brand? There’s other considerations like: Is the music in the dining room too distracting to encourage conversations? Too quiet for a retail area? Too mellow to encourage dancing in a bar?

Enter our Business Music Design Experience. It’s our award-winning recipe that integrates every aspect of music and the customer experience, with each element blending together in a deliberate and purposeful way to convey your unique brand personality. That’s right. Your brand personality. Our In-Store Business Music Design Experience captures that passion and drives it home to the heart of your customers in every part of their purchasing journey. A strategy that sets you apart from the rest.

Does your in-store music strategy need an atmosphere upgrade? Have questions? Our business music designers would be happy to answer. Let us know below, or share on Facebook.

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