Does Your Auto Body Shop Have a Video Marketing Strategy?

Does Your Auto Body Shop Have a Video Marketing Strategy?

Auto Body Video Marketing Strategies


Effective customer communication & engagement is the key to growing any business. A well-informed customer who is able to understand your business properly has a higher chance of being happy with the products & services. When the end customers are happy and satisfied with what your business has to offer, they might even promote word-of-mouth and other forms of organic advertising.

As the businesses out there tend to rely heavily on referrals and related forms of marketing, auto body shops suffer from the lack of proper customer transparency and education about their specific services. What is actually happening to your car –your most precious possession, once you drop it off? This is wherein the role of high-end video production and marketing comes into play.

Video marketing –a highly effective education tool, can help in bringing transparency to your business while educating the customers at the same time. Video turns out to be the most engaging form of content available out there. As such, several companies in the auto body industry are taking advantage of the medium of video marketing as the most effective online marketing strategy.

Some  shop owners are utilizing the medium of video to capture & educate the customers with engaging, educational videos. This helps them in generating more leads and growing effective brand awareness for the services offered by them. The overall benefits of a high-quality video on the viewers turn out to be undeniable.

So, how can producing a professional marketing video be beneficial for your auto body repair shop?




Separate yourself from competitors with features of how you’re different.

If you’re located in a town where there’s a lot of competition, it’s even more important to ensure customers know how you’re differentiated. Use video to show how you’ve set yourself apart from the other auto body repair shops.

Do you offer pick and delivery? Maybe you provide 24/7 towing or emergency roadside assistance? What about on-site rental car service to save prospects time? Or… Perhaps you’ve been the recipient of an outstanding local or industry related award? These features will translate well to video marketing.

Attract more prospects, and get better local online search results.

By using a video marketing campaign you will also be able to post engaging  video content on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. Social video ads make for a great platform to attract customers in your local market.

Video marketing will provide your auto repair shop with an edge over the competition and will present yourself as an authority in the eyes of consumers. In today’s environment, videos are providing stellar results, and statistics support video becoming the marketing media of the future.


Show off your other happy customers.

When it comes to showing new customers that your auto repair shop is the best, there’s nothing quite so persuasive as a video featuring a happy customer.


Conclusion: Video helps you develop a relationship with your audience.

From the latest sports car to an older car that’s traveled many (many) miles, your customers treasure their vehicles. They will use the services of an auto body repair shop that they trust. Video is an ideal medium to show that your shop is a hub of auto knowledge, filled with personable, trustworthy mechanics. It’s a way to build relationships, and ultimately, to build your business.

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