Do Your Auto Attendant Recordings Match Your Brand Image?

Do Your Auto Attendant Recordings Match Your Brand Image?

Do Your SAuto Attendant Recordings Match Your Brand Image?


Auto attendants are a necessary feature for your business phone system. When optimized, your auto attendant can be highly beneficial to both your business and your customers. However a surprisingly large number of businesses have inconsistent, and poorly recorded auto attendant greetings on their phone systems that can leave customers feeling underwhelmed, or even worse — frustrated. Professional phone recordings can help businesses of all sizes build credibility while creating a smooth flow for callers.

In today’s customer experience driven world, it only makes sense to put some focus into this often overlooked aspect of  both brand image and customer satisfaction. The day of the receptionist is over. Companies have turned to automated phone attendant systems to save time and reduce operational expense. It’s a great idea. But only if customers are presented with a clear, natural and brand-consistent voice.

Having the right auto attendant recording carries the potential to make or break a caller’s impression of you and your business. There are a few things to consider when it comes to your automated phone recordings, such as greeting length, and properly directing callers and getting them the information they need right away.


Auto Attendant Recording Samples:



After Hours





Final Thoughts…

Customer service is vital to a company’s future, yet the telephone (and voice recordings) is one of  the most powerful, brand building marketing tools that often gets overlooked. A business’s automated phone system recordings. speaks directly to customers each and every day, and can literally make or break a business’s professional image!

One side note to mention. If your business is closed for holidays, or due to inclement weather, be sure to change the auto attendant recordings to inform callers of such and when you will reopen for business. Nothing can tick off a customer who calls, and gets incorrect business information.

If you’re setting up a new auto attendant, or it’s time for a make-over of your existing recordings, contact Original On Hold, and we’ll produce recordings that perfectly reflect your brand image.

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