Discover The Hidden Marketing Potential of “On Hold Time” At Your Brand!

Discover The Hidden Marketing Potential of “On Hold Time” At Your Brand!

Discover The Hidden Marketing Potential Of On Hold Time


Want to take advantage of today’s hot new marketing opportunity? Sorry, you’ve already missed the boat. There’s a common missed marketing opportunity that happens all the time and is costing you business. If you believe in the theory that every single point of contact with someone is a potential marketing opportunity, then I’m sure you’ll agree that tremendous value can be added with on hold marketing.

A New Voice Media survey shows the telephone is still the preferred method for clients to interact with your business. And, AT&T reports that 7 out of every 10 callers are placed on hold. Don’t waste this valuable marketing opportunity. In business, time is money and when we waste that time of our customers by putting them on hold and making those few minutes unproductive for them, it is a crime that a progressive company should not commit.

On hold time presents us with a few precious moments, and since silence or radio on-hold will “NEVER” generate a single penny in revenue, instead of wasting those valuable minutes, through customized on hold messages you can tell customers about your business, and sell more than you’re currently selling.



On Hold Statistics:

US West Communications Study – Providing information to callers on hold results in a 15% increase in inquiries, and a 12% direct increase in requests for products and services mentioned on hold.

Telemarketing Magazine Survey – 1 in 5 respondents make a purchasing decision based on their caller experience.

Maxi-Marketing Survey  – 20% of callers purchase an offer they heard in an on hold message.


When a customer calls with a specific query regarding a particular product or service, that customer is also a potential prospect who could buy another product from your company. You must make sure that on hold time is converted into an informative session during which information about the latest products and services of your company can be delivered.

This highly targeted marketing opportunity happens all the time, and by keeping callers well informed they’ll end up buying such services & products in near or not so distant future. Progressive companies simply can’t afford to ignore hold time potential as a profit center.


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