Why Your Dental Practice Should Use Scent Marketing?

Why Your Dental Practice Should Use Scent Marketing?

Why Your Dental Practice Should Use Scent Marketing?


Did you know that when it comes to dental office visits, studies show that as many as 75% of patients experience some degree of anxiety? For this reason (along with many others), more and more dental offices are recognizing the need to insure their patients feel comfortable and at ease.

Your patients’ sense of smell is one of the most powerful ways they will connect with your practice, and this is why the use of scent is particularly important & valuable for dental practices. Scenting creates an environment that makes patients feel safe, comfortable and at ease which is important for creating loyal customers,and ultimately increasing your bottom line.

A pleasant fragrance throughout the entrance, reception area, waiting room and exam rooms will relate back to fond memories and emotions, reducing negative feelings commonly associated with the dentist. This is because our sense of smell is directly connected to the portion of our brain that generates memories and emotions.


Studies show that scenting with a soothing eucalyptus or lavender smell helps trigger a response of relaxation and calm, allowing the experience for the patient to be much less traumatic then without the introduction of scent.


In addition to calming a patient, introducing scenting in a dental office is an excellent way to eliminate the smell of harsh chemicals or detergents, which are frequently if not always used in the medical field for cleaning and disinfecting. Additionally, ambient scent marketing provides a positive effect on patient perceptions of the quality of service they are receiving, the cleanliness of the office as well as the overall personal wellness one takes away from an experience that is typically perceived as being less than an enjoyable one. It is a simple, inexpensive way to calm and nurture your patients.


Final Thoughts…

Instead of patients having the typical smell of your dental practice that instill fears and anxiety, with custom scent marketing, patients entering your office can be greeted with the right fragrance to ease nerves and create a relaxing and calming environment.

The use of scent also reduces cancellations and increases profitability for dental practices and helps attract and retain patients. It’s simple. The better your office smells, the more likely patients are to return.

Scent is an effective differentiator for dental practice marketing  to enhance the patient experience and help your dental practice to stand out from the crowd!

Have questions? Not sure how to get started with scent marketing at your dental practice? Contact Us and we make the process easy with our risk-free 30 day trial offer!


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