Custom Scent Marketing Is the Future Of In-Store Marketing!

Custom Scent Marketing Is the Future Of In-Store Marketing!

Custom Scent Marketing Is the Future Of In-Store Marketing!


Did you know that the future of in-store marketing at a business is right under your nose? … What is it? It’s called Scenting or Scent Marketing. One of the reasons scent marketing is so successful as a sales strategy is because visual advertising no longer captivates the attention of modern consumers the way it once did. Shoppers have grown tired of visual ads, commercials and presentations, so much so that their eyes quickly slide over what the nose permanently captures.

When it comes to scenting for business, there are two primary reasons for doing so:  to promote scents that achieve strategic marketing objectives , or to mask an unpleasant odor (after all, bad odors are bad for business!).

It it doesn’t matter what the industry, scent marketing offers numerous benefits for retail , healthcare, veterinary, assisted living facilities, auto dealerships, hospitality, fitness, etc.

If your business has not yet been introduced to ambient scenting, then here are five reasons why a scent marketing should be a part of your future marketing mix.


Reason #1: Increase Dwell Time and Increase Sales

The right scent can encourage customers to interact with your product longer. In a study conducted by Samsung, shoppers underestimated the amount of time they spent shopping by 26% and visited 3x more sections when exposed to aromas.

Scent can trigger instant emotional connections with customers, thus being very effective in boosting sales. Exxon On The Run convenience stores highlighted a new brewing system with coffee scents and saw a 55% increase in coffee sales.


Reason #2:  Heighten Value Perception

Although this is a very important aspect of scent marketing and its affect on a company’s bottom line, according to B2B International, only 54% of businesses have initiated a branding strategy that can evaluate brand perceptions. This concept refers to how consumers are exposed to, attend to, and comprehend stimuli in the environment.

There is no doubt that the proper ambient scent contributes to the building of a favorable perception of the store or business and helps buyers develop a certain ”feel” for their surroundings.

Customers tend to perceive a scented space as being of better quality. In fact a recent study showed that participants were willing to pay 10-15% more for a pair of Nike shoes in a scented room as compared to identical shoes in a unscented room.


Reason #3:  Improve Guest Experiences

Research indicates a 40% improvement in mood when exposed to a pleasant scent, resulting in happier customers.

Scent sets a lasting first impression that connects emotionally on deeper levels with your customers from the second they walk through your door. In fact, 82% of consumers spend more time in a place that was pleasantly scented.

Whether your space is new or in need of a facelift, scent is an economical way to create or enhance a modern ambiance, giving your business an updated look and feel.


Reason #4 Influence Mood

Our sense of smell is the only sense directly hard-wired to our limbic system, which controls memory and emotion. We react emotionally to a scent before we can even identify the name of it. This has a subconscious effect on shopper behavior and spending patterns.

Ambient scent has the strongest impact on enhancing consumer behavior. Pleasant scents can help your customers feel relaxed, happy and ready to do business. Research shows that there is a 40% improvement in mood after being exposed to pleasant scents.


Reason #5 Combat Malodors

Imagine walking into a doctor’s office, veterinarian facility or any business and being smacked in the face with a foul smell. Bad odors are simple bad for business!

Everyone’s heard the old adage: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” … And, that’s a very true statement. If your business struggles with malodors or produces an off-putting smell, using an odor neutralizing fragrance can help to greatly reduce, neutralize, or eliminate malodors.


Final Thoughts….

The use of scent creates a unique and engaging customer experience. Enhance your location and create lasting impressions with custom aromas. Scent Marketing has proven to increase sales, enhance mood, and create emotional responses. The inclusion of scent marketing in any business, whatever it may be, promises imminent improvement in the bottom line and ROI.

Scenting is an integral element in creating a more authentic, unforgettable, branded atmosphere for businesses in any industry. If you’re considering scent marketing, or if you’re ready to get started, then Contact Scentsaional Impressions and speak with a scent specialist, or take advantage of our 30 day risk-free trial.

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