Custom On Hold Messages Will Increase Your Holiday Sales!

Custom On Hold Messages Will Increase Your Holiday Sales!

Holiday On Hold Messagea and Music


The period leading up to the holidays is the LARGEST CONSUMER SPENDING time of the YEAR. As Andy Williams sung, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”  So, is your business phone ready for the holidays with holiday on hold messages and music? It simply makes good business sense to let your customers know about upcoming holiday specials and special services you offer to cash in on the holiday craze! 

It’s always a good business practice to wish your customers a happy holiday, no matter which one. Don’t you wish your customers a happy holiday in person? WELL, don’t overlook the time your clients are on hold. Let them know you care enough to say “Happy Holidays.”

Choosing a fun and warm rotation of holiday songs your customers can listen to while they wait to speak with you promotes a sense of happiness. Combine this feature with seasonal information and holiday special offers, and you’ll be well on your way to increasing your holiday sales this season.



Check out these 5 HOLIDAY ON HOLD MESSAGE TIPS  for the holiday selling season…



The holiday season is bolstering “hustle and bustle”, and your callers have more important things to do than to sit around waiting on hold. Remember time is valuable, so make the most of your customers’ on-hold times by giving their wait value. Whether it’s a promotional deal available only to those waiting on hold to speak to a customer service agent, or perhaps a rundown of holiday specials or services they might not know about, giving callers a reason to stay engaged and listening keeps them hanging on.



Holiday shoppers procrastinate. It’s a fact. Last year, as of December 15, the average shopper had only completed 53.5% of their shopping, according to the National Retail Federation. Give your customers an incentive to shop at your store for their last minute holiday needs. Consider including a promotion that offers a 15% storewide discount or a specific deal on a popular product. If you operate an online store or ship products to your customers, remind customers about last minute shipping deadlines too.



Giveaways are a great way to introduce customers to a new product. Plus, everyone loves a freebie, especially during the holidays. Use the inspiration of the beloved 12 Days of Christmas song to give away 12 items leading up to Christmas. HBO, for example, offered 12 episodes of its hottest shows for free during the holiday season. If you offer a service, consider giving customers 12 days free, or an upgrade for 12 days.

If you want to give away 12 products, one on each day, you could ask customers to participate in a trivia game on social game media. The first person to get the answer right wins the prize of the day. Or, the 20th shopper that comes into your store gets the day’s giveaway; or the first customer that makes a donation at the register to a charity that your store supports wins the prize.



And how many times have you wandered aimlessly through the aisles looking for the perfect gift for Aunt Susie, only to come up empty handed? It happens to everyone. Why not suggest some of your products or services as the perfect gift, or gift certificates to use as stocking stuffers, etc.?



If you operate a retail business, restaurant or any gift-oriented business, why not plan an open house event in mid-November? Use it to showcase holiday season gifts, menus and merchandise. Offer up a glass of warm cider or mulled wine, and really get people into the spirit of the holidays. This will give customers an opportunity to check out your merchandise or holiday menus in advance. You could throw in a special offer or coupon that customers can redeem anytime up until December 24.



Holiday shoppers are ready to dash through the aisles this season, spending an average of $935.58 on holiday gifts, food and decor.We’ve included a few of many ideas above to help drive your holiday sales this season. Own a restaurant? Mention available banquet rooms-perfect for company gatherings, special menus, and how to inquire about booking a party!

Most businesses cannot afford to lose sales during the holidays, which is why a custom holiday on hold message is a smart strategy during this lucrative time of year, making every interaction with callers vital to your success.


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