Custom In-Store Video Prevents Playing Competitors Ads!

Custom In-Store Video Prevents Playing Competitors Ads!

Waiting Room TV and In-Store Video


Is this a familiar situation in your waiting room, lobby or reception area?

A client, customer or patient arrives at your business, they’re seated in your lobby or waiting room, and treated to a comfortable surrounding with TVs for entertainment.

As they wait, they look around and see signs, displays, and promotions for your products and services. They are immersed in your business and about to form a solid relationship with your brand — and then  boom! A competitor’s commercial appears on the TV you provided your guests for their entertainment pleasure.


Why this approach is fatal for your business!

Many waiting rooms are filled with televisions tuned to local or cable channels, and most office managers don’t see the problem with this setup. It’s an easy way to fill a waiting room with entertainment. Right?

Wrong! If you use regular TV programming in your waiting room, you are setting up a scenario where customers/patients may become audiences for your competitor’s ads, and while you may have intended on providing a better guest experience with those TV’s, the reality is it just worked against you. The competitor’s advertisement  has cut into your guest’s experience, and even worse created a distraction, and interrupted the brand relationship. This scenario is relatively common.


There are a lot of problems with this situation.

  • It passes engaged customer attention over to your competitors.
  • It makes your business appear less professional and authoritative.
  • It may make customers/patients question your business, products, and services.


Playing ads for competitors isn’t the only bad experience that playing regular tv station programming in your waiting room can create. When you turn on the tv you are not in control of the ads or the content.

This means that you may likely be playing content that is:

  • Inappropriate
  • Offensive
  • Non-age appropriate


What is the solution to this common problem?



There is a way to stop competitors’ ads and inappropriate content from coming through your waiting room televisions. It’s through the use of custom branded video content.

Video content is customized around a theme to compliment the brand and target the customer. For example, in a hospital, health and wellness clips would be aired. In an auto repair store, sports and entertainment clips would be presented.


How your business benefits from custom branded video?

Providing this type of targeted, high-value content entertains your guests and decreases their perceived wait time. When customers/patients are presented with branded video, they report a decreased perceived wait time by more than 30%.

You can stop competitor ads from airing while reinforcing your brand. Plus in-store video helps with promoting your business, increasing sales and improving the customer experience.


You can broadcast custom branded video content that includes:

  • Commercials for your business
  • Highlighting your products and services
  • Promote special events, grand openings, new locations, etc.


When you broadcast custom branded video it starts working for your business rather than against it. It provides entertainment for your guests while reinforcing your brand, marketing your products and services, and ensuring that your business is the prime focus in your waiting room.

According to Deloitte, 62% of companies now see the customer experience as the key competitive differentiator. by all accounts, it seems as though in-store video can help the customer experience.


Final Thoughts.

Providing entertainment in your waiting room isn’t as easy as turning on the TV. It can result in promoting competitors, offending guests, and even breaking the law. So don’t leave your content up to chance. Instead, control what your customers, clients, guests and patients see while in your waiting room (area), or establishment with custom branded video.


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