Custom Business Music Influences Shoppers Buying Decisions

Custom Business Music Influences Shoppers Buying Decisions

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Music is an obvious part of the atmosphere, mood and brand. Some businesses don’t give music a second thought, while savvy marketers and brand conscious businesses are paying more serious attention to the sound in their space, and the effects music has on the shopping experience. When you align the right in-store music and messaging with your branding and marketing strategies, you connect to your customers, and influence their purchasing decisions.

Many business owners choose to play local radio, or services such as Pandora over their audio systems without being fully aware of the pitfalls of doing so. Not only can these music services create numerous issues with your carefully designed store atmosphere, there are legal ramifications to broadcasting it without the proper performance licensing to do so.

Background music has evolved considerably from elevators and dentist offices, yet many businesses haven’t kept pace. Personalization is popular with many products, and is the same approach you should take when it comes to music for your business. Branded music and messages puts you in total control of the content that shoppers hear, thus you have the ability to target in-store shoppers with promotions and special offers, so you can direct customers to specific products and services that maximize your sales. And, most importantly, you remain free from customers hearing competing advertiser’s commercials.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s online or in-store, businesses are faced with only a handful of opportunities to grab a consumer’s attention. Business music and marketing messages are a highly effective way for brands to capture and keep a customer’s attention, while influencing their buying decision at the same time!

More than 80 percent of purchase decisions are made when shoppers are in the store.

Research by A.C. Nielsen shows that during a store visit, 95 percent of shoppers will buy something in addition to what they intended to purchase.

Retail stores, showrooms and restaurants pay a lot of attention to their image. They carefully consider everything from their choice in furnishings, to carpeting and signage, but give little or no consideration in appealing to the senses, after all, customers buy with all their senses. By creating the right mood and atmosphere in your business, you have a tremendous opportunity to influence, increase and enhance the buying experience before, during, and after point-of-purchase.


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