Credit Union On-Hold Messages: a Powerful Marketing Tool

Credit Union On-Hold Messages: a Powerful Marketing Tool

In today’s competitive financial landscape, member experience is paramount for credit unions. But what happens when members call and get stuck on hold? Generic hold music can feel impersonal, leaving a negative impression.And annoying beeps are just that — ANNOYING!!!

The power of custom on-hold messages for credit unions, highlighting how they can:

  • Strengthen Member Relationships:  Warm, informative messages build trust and reinforce the credit union’s commitment to personalized service.
  • Promote Financial Literacy:  Briefly highlight money-saving tips, budgeting advice, or upcoming financial workshops.
  • Showcase Products & Services:  Explain new loan options, investment products, or convenient online banking features.
  • Reduce Perceived Wait Time: Engaging messages make waiting feel shorter and demonstrate the credit union’s professionalism.

 Crafting Credit Union On-Hold Messages That Resonate

Now that you understand the benefits, let’s create the perfect on-hold messages for your credit union:

  • Member-Centric Focus: Maintain a friendly and helpful tone, addressing callers as “members” and highlighting the credit union’s commitment to their financial well-being.
  • Concise & Clear:  Aim for messages between 30-60 seconds and maintain a clear, professional tone.
  • Up-to-Date Information: Ensure information is accurate and reflects current financial services and promotions.
  • Clear Calls to Action:  Direct members to contact a specific department, visit your website, or learn more about a featured service.

 Content Ideas to Keep Members Engaged

Here are some content ideas to keep your on-hold messages fresh and informative:

  • Financial Tips: Offer budgeting advice, explain common financial terms, or highlight identity theft prevention measures.
  • Promote Upcoming Events: Announce financial workshops, community events, or special loan promotions.
  • Member Success Stories: Feature stories of how your credit union helped members achieve financial goals.
  • Highlight Community Involvement: Showcase the credit union’s commitment to the local community.


Custom on-hold messages are a powerful tool for credit unions, often overlooked. By crafting informative and engaging messages, you can transform wait times into opportunities to connect with members, promote financial well-being, and build stronger relationships. So, ditch the generic hold music and **give your members a reason to hold on** to the positive experience you provide!


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