On Hold Messages for Credit Unions Engage & Educate Members

On Hold Messages for Credit Unions Engage & Educate Members

Credit Union On Hold Messages Connect With Members


How do you make a financial brand more friendly and personal? That’s a question credit unions and banks alike have struggled with forever. For nearly the past 2 decades (or more), financial institutions have been doing everything possible to keep customers out of their branches. The assumption was that the more that could be automated and shift to self-service/digital channels, the better. However, what financial institutions soon discovered was that their hands-off tactics alienated customers and made the relationship less personal, more detached, and loyalty has taken a complete nosedive.

However, there has been a paramount shift as today financial institutions as they’re working to try and reconnect with customers and strengthen relationships. Many credit unions are strategically crafting customer experiences that are both innovative and unexpected, thus trying to break free from the perceptual stigma of being cold and impersonal.

As per the views of the marketing experts,  on-hold messages for the credit unions are immensely useful with customers and strengthening relationships. As credit unions keep competing with the respective financial institutions like leading banks and each other, it is crucial for them to keep the members well-informed and engaged and phone on-hold message marketing serves to be the ultimate solution to all their previous impersonal woes.

Listen to a Sample Credit Union On hold Message:


Building Long Term Relationships.

The value of a customer engagement goes far beyond the initial sale. Banks and credit unions must focus on the entire customer journey and add value at every step along the way. To succeed, credit unions need to go beyond lip service, to delivering measurable improvements and this includes the caller experience.

There is more opportunity than ever before with telephone hold messaging to provide a strong customer experience focus to build long-term relationships with members, and to recommend the right services, at the right time to form a stronger bond with credit union members.


How Do Members Respond to On Hold Messages?

Marketing experts agree that members respond positively to on-hold messages heard at credit unions. A leading marketing expert in the given field claims that sometimes they might get on the line after they have been waiting, and the customer will inquire about the auto loans they might have heard about through the on-hold messaging system. Thus, it offers a great sense of assurance that the members are responding to the on-hold messages affirmatively.


Increase the Sales of Financial Products.

The leading marketing experts in the field of credit union marketing claim that providing easy-to-use on-hold messages can help in tripling the overall loan volume for the given business. The implementation of the targeted messages as the effective marketing strategy through on-hold advertising tends to be a part of the easy & affordable marketing strategy for most credit unions out there.

For the small financial institutions, slight efforts in the marketing scenario can turn out to be immensely beneficial in the long run. With a limited budget in hand, such institutions must target the overall expenses towards making the most of the available marketing resources. In such a scenario, the utilization of the on-hold message marketing strategy seems the most feasible solution out there.


Final Thoughts…

There has never been a more important priority in the financial services industry than delivering an exceptional customer experience. Credit Union marketers should seek to establish a positive connection with consumers and foster trust, and create feelings of satisfaction towards their credit union.

Every second you waste not communicating with a customer is a lost opportunity. On hold messaging helps to reinforce your brand, while informing and entertaining members and prospective members who are calling. Ultimately they’re more satisfied with their experience and are also more likely to refer their friends.

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