Credit Union Gets Audio Marketing Make-Over With On hold Messaging & Voice Prompts from The Original On hold Inc.

Credit Union Gets Audio Marketing Make-Over With On hold Messaging & Voice Prompts from The Original On hold Inc.


At one point or another, we’ve all been there when it comes to dealing with the Too Big Too Fail Banks! You call your financial institution with an account question, concerns about a charge on your account, or to inquire about a home, auto or even student loan. No, you don’t get the courtesy treatment, and feeling as if this institution values your patronage when you call, but what you do get is layers upon layers of their automated phone tree with voice response that never seems to get your request correct, ultimately forcing you to hit “0”  and be faced with the dreaded “please wait for the next available operator or customer service specialist” (although a specialists at what I am still not quite sure?). Now comes the long hold time causing your frustration to boil over, which is followed up by a less than friendly customer service representative. 

TwinStar Credit Union which operates more than 100 branches throughout the Pacific NorthWest was founded back in 1938, so this institution knows the importance of customer service in order to compete and  maintain longevity serving members. TSCU’S marketing efforts are focused on fulfilling their mission of improving the quality of life for each member through personal and professional service that results in serving members for a lifetime. To that end, they employ a variety of tools to keep members in touch with current promotions and enhance their members’ interaction with the Credit Union, however until recently, one vital piece was missing in their efforts: “improving interaction, and the on hold experience with their callers.”

After evaluating several on hold marketing providers, TwinStars’ Senior Marketing and business Development Officer contracted with The Original On hold Inc. for their audio branding needs. During our initial discovery session, which is where we learn about a client’s background, and hone in on the client’s marketing goals, needs and objectives to develop a winning on hold marketing strategy, one of the Credit Union’s junior associates asked “ Isn’t this just on-hold music, what’s the big deal” … Well, besides the fact that I nearly fell off my chair he posed this question, I guess that proves why he’s the junior executive and not senior executive. I must admit that the response from this Senior Officer was music to my ears!

“With the Great Recession of 2008, TwinStar along with many other credit unions saw an increase in prospective members’ seeking the need for trusted financial counsel. The Original On hold Inc has the experience to represent us in the best manner possible, and create a positive experience for Credit Union members who are placed on hold during a conversation with a member service representative. Additionally, they’re experts at crafting messages that educate and entertain callers, and deliver a-ha moments when callers realize TwinStar offers something they need, and may have been unaware of.

Does your credit union of financial institution pass the “stress test” on customer service and the caller on-hold experience? Don’t guess, try The Original On hold Inc’s risk free on hold system trial offer which will pay dividends for years to come.






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