Creative Copywriting Adds Value to On Hold Messages

Creative Copywriting Adds Value to On Hold Messages

Good Custom On Hold Message Copywriting Has Real Value


The value of good on hold message copywriting can be hard to asses. It’s not a tangible thing, and often times you can’t really measure it. But its value goes way beyond just words on paper. Good copywriting can enhance your clients’ trust in your brand, it can compel them to take action, and it can also be persuasive for impulse buying.

Below are just a  few examples of how creative on hold message copywriting provides real value that you can’t always measure.


Sells Your Story

When it comes to attracting clients to your business, providing the quality products and services is not enough. Your customers need something more. After all, you’re probably not the only one in the business. And if your product is genuinely one of a kind, then you have to make your clients understand why they need.

So what you’re really selling is an image. You’re selling a story in which your clients are the protagonists. They need to feel like your products and services, not anybody else’s fit neatly into their lives. They need to feel like your product was designed with them in mind. And, most importantly, this story has to speak about the future, about how much better their lives are going to be after they’ve purchased your product. Quality on-hold copywriting serves as the backbone to effectively “sell your story”.


Makes Your Brand Sound Appealing

Your business probably involves a lot of levels of work, from accounting, to customer service, management and so on. Your clients, however, see only thing. Your company brand.

A brand doesn’t just develop overnight. You may have some ideas about the things you stand for, and the type of people you want to address, but in the end, all of these vague ideas have to take shape. A creative copywriter can accomplish that in a way that’s appealing, and has a lasting impact on your customers.

A good copywriter can determine the best image for your company, and what shape, or shapes, it should take to make your brand sound appealing, specific and unique.


Bridges the Gap Between You and Your Callers

While you may be perfectly aware of how your business works, and your product or service offerings, believe it or not, your callers (especially prospects) don’t know a lot about your business. You still need someone to translate all of this information, and that person is the copywriter.

They can mediate between you and your clients, provide essential information, and explain to them why their needs, and your offer are a match. They can engage your callers, and determine them to take action, and invest in your business.

Someone has to act as a messenger between your business and your customers. Someone has to interpret all those complicated technical, and professional terms, pick out the ones that are relevant for your customers, and pass them on to your customers. That way, your clients won’t feel left in the dark. They’ll understand that you really care about your relationship with them, and their feedback.


Closing Thoughts…

Probably the most important part of delivering your on hold message is coming up with what to say about your company. Quality copywriting  is the backbone of your on hold message marketing message, and that’s where the experienced team of copywriters and script developers at Original On Hold come in.

They will look at your collateral materials, brochures, fliers, direct mail, website, videos, etc. to come up with the perfect on hold message script for your company. Good copy is going to keep your clients’ interest peaked, hold their attention for longer, and be more memorable. However poorly written on-hold content will have an adverse effect, and is going to stand out immediately. A copywriter’s job might not be glamorous, or revolutionary, but it is essential.

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